Words for the wise

Its the time of year that most of us get together and spend time with family but why wait til Christmas time why can’t we make time during the other parts of the year.
I tell my family members all the time that the true meaning of family is gone away from our society daughters arguing with mothers sons disrespecting their fathers ,children with no examples.This is so because the age of real grandparents are gone.When i was younger our grandparents enforced what our parents set forth they insisted we went to school and church and respect our elders and females.
A child grown or not should never disrespect their parents especially their mother,bible says “children honor your mother and father that your days may be long upon the earth” what does it profit a child who disrespects their parents they end up statistics with failed lives.
If you have siblings love them even though you may not agree with family was ordained of God it was one his first creations in the human race “He created them man and woman and they brought forth a son.My interpetation is mother father and son “Family”.
How can we say we love others and we cannot love your own family this all starts in the home lack of this creates a lot of what we see in the news today.
When we had real grandparents the ones that were 60 years older than the grandchildren the ones that made you say grace before eating made you address them as maam and sir respect where your grandfather sat at the dining table,made you eat when the rest of the family ate ,when cousin or sibling got in trouble and didn’t tell on the other we all got in trouble,made you say easter speeches,pinched you when you act out in church those are the values we should get back to.
Until then we’re going to keep having filled jailhouses and crime filled streets so i say to you children grown or not grown God gave you your parents and grandparents for a reason when you disrespect them you disrespect yourselves especially mothers they carry you for 9 months wipe your butts and your snotty noses try to meet all your juvenile demands listens to your grown up cries the least you as child can do is respect where you came from its only right neither parents or children come with manuals stating that all will be perfect family is a work in progress from the cradle to the grave be blessed.


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