Shirley F.Shutes-Johnson

Religion is a man made deal it’s used to make society think that their way of thinking is God’s way of thinking totally not true.
God is not part of any religion man put him there,in the beginning God created Adam and Eve and gave a choice not to eat of the forbidden fruit and they did eat of the fruit,God gave the commandments to Moses for the children of Israel he never forced his will on us God wants us to choose him just as Lucifer chose his own will and fell from heaven.
Religion has been used throughout history to enslave people,degrade women and teach there is multiple Gods or perhaps even confuse us about the very existance of God.God is a Spirit and he created man in his own image because man is also a spirit.
When Jesus said when you seen me you have seen the Father he is not saying he is the Father he is saying that he and the Father are on the same page case in point.
Take the court system for instance you have a lawyer who knows the law studied the law representing you before the Judge he is at the mercy of the your plea before the judge which is what Jesus is for us mediator between God and man .Jesus said no man comes to the Father but by me .No person in their right mind goes before a judge unless he has a good lawyer no matter what your crime is the lawyer takes the crime you committed upon himself and presents your case to the judge.Jesus took your case which is sin and presented before God the Father.
In some court cases pending on the severity of the crime the courts provide you a probation officer his job is to make sure you don’t violate your conditions hence the same purpose of the Holy Spirit .Jesus said I go to the Father but I will send you another Comforter my point is these three are one (trinity)as we prefer to call them Judge,Lawyer,Probation Officer all are in the court system one doesn’t work against the other they all work as one One God One Faith no religion
Religion will have you to hate people for their ethnicity and sexual preferences Jesus said the opposite love the sinner hate the sin
Racism in so many instances started with the curse of Ham which had nothing to do with God according to the Bible it was Noah who was a drunkard that cursed Ham which has no relevance this why I chose no religion because its simply a man made gesture Jesus was our example he said he must do the will of Him that has sent him in the garden he prayed “not my will but thine will” only one way to go and that’s living according to the will of God through the testament of Jesus Christ
Be Blessed


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