Behind the smiles

Behind the smiles as I would like to call this piece it takes a lot to get ready to face the day if you’re a true professional no matter the profession.As for me it takes a lot of work especially when your home life is in turmoil as for myself I try to keep personal trials away from the public settings it gets difficult sometimes especially if you’re a step parent and you have some ungrateful step children who repeatedly mentally abuse their mother and see her be emotionally to weak to fend for herself I’ve seen this pattern play out for over 20 years some things never change
Family the biological ones are so distant recently I launched a Facebook page called Shutes Family Honors my intent was to bring awareness to our family about who we are and what we have contributed only a small percentage of them even liked or acknowledged the page even exists so I turned into a community page be storing honor to people who had served their communities by wishing them happy birthdays happy anniversaries offer sympathy during a passing of a loved one and now the page has almost 700 likes and is viewed in 3 different countries now all of a sudden family members got suggestions but where were these suggestions before the page was created and research was done.
Richard M.Shutes my European American cousin and his sister Cissy Prestage has shown more love and support than some cousins I’ve known all my life and grew up with 2015 will be much different nobody gets too close because all they do is bring negative energy but through it all I still smile sometimes I feel as if though the only earthly friend I ever really had was my mother yet I still smile I took in 5 stepchildren and tried to love them as my own I have lost homes,my freedom all to be told I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent yet I still smile I smile because deep in my heart I know trouble in this world don’t last all ways there is gonna be a brighter day for me yet I smile


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