Family Tree

Lately,I’ve been working on my family tree found a lot of interesting things traced my ancestry back to 1857 with the birth of my great great grandfather Gus H.Shutes who was born in Davidson CO,Tn learned about his wife Edna Jane Coleman and their children which came my great grandfather Welborn Shutes Sr from him my grandfather James Arthur Shutes from him my mother Shirley F.Johnson it’s good to link up your ancestry just good sense.
Everyone today is worried over terrorist group,as stated in one previous post religion is man made God doesn’t condone the killing of others because we don’t believe in his word or him he is our final judge not man or terrorist groups,it also wrong in my opinion to poke fun of someone else’s beliefs treat others as we ourselves want to be treated we as citizens of the free world have the right to express ourselves freely but we should also use good judgment making fun of someone’s faith or movies about killing a national leader just amplifies a already tensed world
In the American work place when it comes to workplace violence we learn that what  may be funny to you may not be funny to the next simple gesture but if carried out properly it can make a big difference,be blessed.


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