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About Me

I Jerry Shutes was born October 2,1971 in Humboldt,Tn at St.Mary’s Hospital to my mother Shirley F.Shutes .I attended schools in the Bells and Crockett County School systems I was raised in the community of Fruitvale,Tn we lived there until November,1991 we then moved to Alamo,Tn there I met my wife Ann and we moved out of Crockett County in March,1995 we lived in Huntingdon,Mckenzie,Paducah and Murray,Ky before settling in Paris,Tn

I worked in different settings such  as apparrell,motor,and casework manufactoring,and also some grocery retail and retail.taxi and floral delivery and also in healthcare.my hobbies include playing bass covers and color commentating for SWAG Wrestling in Henry,Tn.

I recently started a few online pages West Tennessee Honors,Shutes Family,JWS Bass Covers,and a page dedicated to the memory of my mother Sis.Shirley F.Shutes-Johnson(inpirational page) I have now incorporated it into the jerryshutes.com network which includes the website https://jerryshutes.wordpress.com12026698_817959881655070_1120451725_n


My answer for police brutality in America starts in the home 1.) parents keep your children in church and raise them accordingly when this is done it will eliminate thuggery and bigotry if child is raised right he won’t be shooting people multiple times ,he won’t continue to disobey orders given to him by authority
with the right precautions a child will grow up with the understanding of doing unto others as you have them do unto you if you don’t want to be looked down on because of your religion or ethnicity then don’t do it to others, if you don’t want your son or daughter or any of your loved ones murdered and walking away un punished then don’t do it
Keep in mind we must not judge all based on a few bad actions this would be a sad nation worse than our current situation if we have no order.
with that being said police officers have my respect its the bigots and thugs on both sides of the law that disturbs me for they have no regard for human dignity in closing feces stinks no matter what color the butt it comes from.

The World through my black eyes

This is my vision through the ways i see things i can’t speak for no one else but i can sure speak for myself .i have encountered housing discrimination job discrimination and even down right bigotry from family members. Nothing worse than being a law abiding citizen but still in some aspects get treated like a common thug or criminal i have worked in retail from quite sometime i see it when i speak and greet customers they don’t speak back. One encounter was on my 2nd job i ever had which was blatant racism little did he know one the executives was Jewish. If only people could look beyond pigmentation but because they refuse to they will never see the good in all people these are my life experiences and yes racism exists even when they’re pretending to like you call you family,brother even dad or uncle they still hate you deep within their own heart i also believe they can lay with you take on your last name and call you honey and still hate you it’s a old method use by the Europeans to trick you into thinking that you are as equal as they are until a touchy subject comes up or the nation’s chief executive looks more like me than them no matter what he does still not good enough i don’t agree with all of his policies but some of these claims are down right bigoted once again this is solely my opinion on the things i’ve seen in my own life my world through my black eyes Jerry Shutes

Richard M.Shutes

This man believe or not is my cousin Richard M.Shutes he has shown nothing but genuine love he came to Paris to visit me back in the summer of 2015.together we run the facebook page Shutes Family Honors we have researched our family history and through ancestry dna testing we have learned we have more in common than our last names my hats off to you cousin


I say to you cherish your time with your loved ones,within the last 6 years I’ve lost my grandfather,grandmother,mother and two uncles this year.
Now it looks as if my wife may be losing her mother.You never know when it’s your last time with your loved ones so cherish it while you can.

It still seems that in this country we can’t seem to get over racial and ethnic differences one group radicalizes the whole religious sect is blamed we have went down this road during slavery and the civil rights movement we are all equal it wasn’t too long ago that people were killing Jews,Native Americans,and enslaving African Americans in the name of Christianity
Religion won’t save you only Jesus can do that and the one I speak of is not a religious figure until we stop using the bible as comfort measures on some things thats only suitable for us and damnation to everyone that thinks different than ourselves then we will never get anywhere some ministers teach that same sex relationships are wrong but overlook the man who is married to his wife with a mistress on the side funny how we can classify what we think is ok for some and not ok for others.
Jerry Shuteshttp://theshutesfamilyblog.blogspot.com