I say to you cherish your time with your loved ones,within the last 6 years I’ve lost my grandfather,grandmother,mother and two uncles this year.
Now it looks as if my wife may be losing her mother.You never know when it’s your last time with your loved ones so cherish it while you can.

It still seems that in this country we can’t seem to get over racial and ethnic differences one group radicalizes the whole religious sect is blamed we have went down this road during slavery and the civil rights movement we are all equal it wasn’t too long ago that people were killing Jews,Native Americans,and enslaving African Americans in the name of Christianity
Religion won’t save you only Jesus can do that and the one I speak of is not a religious figure until we stop using the bible as comfort measures on some things thats only suitable for us and damnation to everyone that thinks different than ourselves then we will never get anywhere some ministers teach that same sex relationships are wrong but overlook the man who is married to his wife with a mistress on the side funny how we can classify what we think is ok for some and not ok for others.
Jerry Shutes


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