The World through my black eyes

This is my vision through the ways i see things i can’t speak for no one else but i can sure speak for myself .i have encountered housing discrimination job discrimination and even down right bigotry from family members. Nothing worse than being a law abiding citizen but still in some aspects get treated like a common thug or criminal i have worked in retail from quite sometime i see it when i speak and greet customers they don’t speak back. One encounter was on my 2nd job i ever had which was blatant racism little did he know one the executives was Jewish. If only people could look beyond pigmentation but because they refuse to they will never see the good in all people these are my life experiences and yes racism exists even when they’re pretending to like you call you family,brother even dad or uncle they still hate you deep within their own heart i also believe they can lay with you take on your last name and call you honey and still hate you it’s a old method use by the Europeans to trick you into thinking that you are as equal as they are until a touchy subject comes up or the nation’s chief executive looks more like me than them no matter what he does still not good enough i don’t agree with all of his policies but some of these claims are down right bigoted once again this is solely my opinion on the things i’ve seen in my own life my world through my black eyes Jerry Shutes


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