About Me

I Jerry Shutes was born October 2,1971 in Humboldt,Tn at St.Mary’s Hospital to my mother Shirley F.Shutes .I attended schools in the Bells and Crockett County School systems I was raised in the community of Fruitvale,Tn we lived there until November,1991 we then moved to Alamo,Tn there I met my wife Ann and we moved out of Crockett County in March,1995 we lived in Huntingdon,Mckenzie,Paducah and Murray,Ky before settling in Paris,Tn

I worked in different settings such  as apparrell,motor,and casework manufactoring,and also some grocery retail and retail.taxi and floral delivery and also in healthcare.my hobbies include playing bass covers and color commentating for SWAG Wrestling in Henry,Tn.

I recently started a few online pages West Tennessee Honors,Shutes Family,JWS Bass Covers,and a page dedicated to the memory of my mother Sis.Shirley F.Shutes-Johnson(inpirational page) I have now incorporated it into the jerryshutes.com network which includes the website https://jerryshutes.wordpress.com12026698_817959881655070_1120451725_n


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