Fear of Dying & The Realities of Diabetes!


FearI lived in fear after being diagnosed with diabetes. Most people don’t know the fear that comes with being told that if you make one mistake, you could die. A tightrope walker may fear to fall off, but they made the choice to walk the tight wire and within a minute their walk is over. Some tightrope walkers even use nets in case they fall and have years of training under their belt. They choose to risk their lives. When diagnosed with diabetes the fear is intense, because there are no nets, no years of training, you are given a few instructions and cast out into the world. How we deal with fear is different for everyone.

In my previous two blogs, I talk about the problems caused by high blood sugars and forgetting as well as misunderstandings within one’s family. Today we are going to address the fear…

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Good people

Today the Chaplain from Henry County Hospice came by to visit with Ann and the rest of us even though Ann lost her mother nearly 3 weeks ago she’s just like she was the day she came to Ann when we first got the news. There are still good people in this world full of …

Diabetes: Walk In My Shoes!

Diabetes: Walk In My Shoes!been suffering from T2 since 2012 its a life changerView On WordPress


A Day of Reflecting

A Day of ReflectingToday  I reflected on the passing of my mother Shirley F.Johnson 1949-2012 I had last spoken with her via telephone on the night of Jan 19,2012 the last words we said to each other was that we loved one another. The next morning I reported to work as normal about 7:30am that morning …


No part time family

No time for part time love


Hypocritical in the house of God

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you


Passing of a loved one

Passing of a loved oneToday was the second saddest day of my life watching my wife grieve over the loss of her mother is heartbreaking I don’t know how she will hold her mother was her everything I kn this pain I felt it myself almost 4years ago dealing with some rough tides ahead .View On …


Uncle Lynn

 I want to take this time to reflect on the memory of my uncle Lynn whom i know as my baby uncle meaning he was my mother’s baby brother born on January 8,1964 he was only 8 years older than me he was more like a big brother than my uncle I remember when me …


Nursing my own wounds

Nursing my own woundsIn recent weeks I have been standing by watching my mother in law slowly slip away from us at the same time watching my wife dangle over the cliff of a meltdown. At the same time trying to keep the peace with the siblings and children of my wife there has been very …