In Honor of the memory of Minister James I.Reed

For those of you that don’t know Minister Reed was the originator of video broadcasts of the Light of Life/DHP telecasts he began his video ministry in the mid 1980’s before hand he had gave a testimony as to how he gave to his life to the Lord while sitting on his porch at his home in Bells,Tn listening to then Evangelist Nathaniel Bond conduct a tent revival service nearby his home there in Bells. Soon afterwards Minister Reed along with his wife Mary and 3 sons Anthony,Garrick and Lorenzo became prominent members of Light of Life/DHP Ministries sadly he was taken away from us a few years ago but he left a everlasting legacy behind his eldest son Anthony is a minister and is pastor of All Nations Church in St.Louis,Mo his two other sons Garrick and Lorenzo are outstanding young men living here in West Tennessee his video ministry that he pioneered has taken off with much success the services now can be seen weekly on local Charter Cable channels throughout West Tennessee with that said we honor the Legacy of one of West Tennessee’s most iconic figures Minister James I.Reed in honor of his memory RIP.


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