Honoring Dr.Mike Revelle

At this time we honor this Crockett County native/Jackson.Tn resident Dr.Mike Revelle for his work in healthcare Dr.Revelle is responsible for saving many lives across West Tennessee and beyond we have known Mike Revelle since the days he attended the Crockett Co High School system we all knew then that whatever Mike chose to do in his future he would succeed in it.
Dr.Revelle is now a household name and well respected here in West Tennessee and beyond we honor him on this day and we thank him for what he has done in the healthcare profession we wish him well in his future endeavors be blessed.


Memorial Day 2016 Observance

This photo was taken earlier in Downtown Paris by Shannon Mcfarlin a local publishing editor for local news here in West Tennessee as well as the PARIS magazine
Our veterans and service people of the military should be in our prayers daily greeted with respect on the streets daily told thank you for your service daily and should never ever go in need for nothing so if we really want to make America great again always show military personell respect because they have done more for America than any President and congressman because they kept us free for now 240 years be blessed.

Honoring Tammy Hudson Houston, retail manager

At this time we would like to honor Ms.Tammy Hudson Houston ,she has long been one of the most kindhearted person we’ve ever met .Tammy has worked in many arenas such as Tecumseh for nearly 19 years and numerous retail outlets she is currently store manager for Boyd’s of Paris,TN we simply believe God outdone himself when  he created Tammy we honor her for her many years of hard work and always having the willingness to help her neighbor in anyway she can with that being said we honor her and wish her well in all her future endeavors and we at West Tennessee Honors want to be the first to wish Tammy a wonderful and Happy Birthday coming up this weekend on the May 28th be blessed.

Honoring Elder Murray Love

At this time we honor this Madison County native Elder Murray Love for what he has done for his church Light of Life/DHP Ministries he has been a part of this organization since 1982 he would later become a deacon and church program announcer he also has served his community participating in different alumni programs in the Jackson,Tn area he is still affluent in his community on this day we honor him and we simply say thank you sir for your service be blessed.

Honoring Jack Spencer

Today we honor Mr.Jack Spencer who comes to us from Hayward,CA but now currently lives in the city of Paris,Tn he has shown genuine kindness to all ,pulling himself up by the jock straps not letting a physicality minimize his abilities to do whatever he needs to do. Often he’s seen around town with the infamous Jack Spencer smile to many that is very encouraging to others who live in similar situations we honor Jack on his birthday for being a inspiration to many others we simply say thank you and we wish you a Happy birthday be blessed.

The Observance of the National Day of Prayer

In Observance to the National Day of Prayer we start off by asking God to forgive us of our sins,we thank you for watching over our families ,providing food,clothes.and shelter for us,we thank you for being able to live in a nation that we can observe a day of prayer,we ask that you watch over our nation as we prepare to choose our next leader may you guide the hearts of our citizens to choose the right person to lead. We ask that you guide us and assist us in dealing with the racial hatred and bigotry finally Father we ask that your will be done we ask this in the name Jesus amen.