Headlines of the week

Well it seems we’re at a crossroads again with race issues in America at the beginning of the week we celebrated the independence of our nation less than 24 hours later we’re in a uproar over race issues specifically white police officers and black citizens.

Not all cops are racist bigots,not all black citizens are gun carrying thugs,those black men murdered in both Minnesota and Baton Rouge were unjustified those 5 police officers murdered in Dallas,Tx were also unjustified these things are happening because nobody is talking I watched the news coverage on all this and everybody is talking over the other no dialouge is  shared.

We have to acknowledge that there is a race problem we can’t keep saying the what ifs those cops in Dallas were killed because they were white ,the 2 young men in Minnesota and Louisiana were killed because they were black .The past incidents just about all the accusers in the incidents did not face any consequences for their actions.

But yet a ISIS sympathizer under scrutiny can go into a Orlando,Florida night club and kill dozens.And Dillan Roof a known white separatist goes into a perdomantely black Charleston,S.C church and kills dozens of patrons and is offered a cheeseburger before going to jail while our latest  victims are shot like rabid dogs for either selling loose cigarettes,minor traffic violations it’s not adding up.

We can’t keep denying this anytime you have a community where we all can go to school together,work together,shop together but don’t worship together,our dead bodies are in different funeral homes and graveyards speaks volumes some of our citizens were more outraged about the death of Cecil the lion or the gorilla that was killed in a zoo last month than they are these last few brutality killings.

with that being said if we truly want to make America great again we have see the real problem talk about the problem address the fact of the matter and then move forward and fix it it starts in the home with our children because Hate is learned nobody is born hating another because of ethnicity

Racism is real I have experienced it from my own people because I’m married to a white woman ,landlords wouldn’t rent to us when they found out my ethnicity,inlaws and stepchildren have constantly thrown around the n-word,co-workers have taken the liberty to tell me they don’t agree with race mixing them not realizing that most African Americans have a percentage of European blood in their veins due to the slave masters the true inventors of race mixing ,I’ve seen the purse clutching and looks of despise when I walk by I know what its like to be disliked simply because of my ethnicity, well  I embrace my ethnicity and to the fellow African Americans with a percentage of European blood to a bigot that doesn’t matter and to those Families searching ancestry dna and learning about your new extended family if you can’t see our pain and speak out against it then search no further because in a family when one member hurts we all hurt have a blessed day.


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