Honoring Nellie Guidry,RN

Today we are honoring Nellie Guidry a former RN who worked in the healthcare centers of Paris,Tn and in Louisiana.
Nellie is a graduate of Bells High School in her native city of Bells,Tn she is the youngest and sole survivor of the Stones/Roberson Families of Crockett County,Tn her parents were Joe Wesley Stones and Florence Roberson.
Nellie began working in nursing at a young age she followed the footsteps of her older sister Georgia Greene who had also worked in nursing as well as her much older sister Lorean Riggins who worked as a medical assistant for a local physician in Humboldt,Tn.
Nellie was known to run a tight but fair shift during her tenure as RN she worked closely with the likes of Bobbie Rowe,and Cynthia Williams of Paris Healthcare she mentored great CNA’s like those of Regina Isaac Wilson and her very own niece Ann Shutes who has patterned herself after her aunt.
Nellie has inspired many others to become healthcare workers a grand niece Kelly Lee,Candy Johnson,great nephew Ronnie Ward,great niece Jackie Reed,Kelley Chatman, and others.
today we honor Nellie for her hardwork and dedication we simply say thank you for all that you do we wish you a happy birthday you are truly a jewel of West Tennessee.


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