Helping our Veterans

This young man is Joseph Burrow he followed the footsteps of his father Joseph Burrow Sr and joined the U.S Army and served with pride in 2014 Joseph was medically discharged and has since fell on economic difficulties he has made several attempts to try and get SSD but was denied we ask that you go to his fb page and go to the gofundme site that he has set up due to his injuries and release from the U.S Army he and his family has been forced to live in a camper.
West Tennessee Honors is not a charitable organization of any kind nor do we except money however we do feel that men like Joseph who have served their nation shouldn’t have to endure what he’s going through we believe our veterans welfare should be a top priority because they sacrificed all for us.
Joseph has roots here in West Tennessee he has resided in Lexington,Tn he has family in Crockett,Benton,Carroll and Henry County ,Tn with that said we ask if you can assist this American hero and others like him visit his facebook page view his story let him know we stand behind him and others like him be blessed.


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