Bobby Jones comes home to Paris,Tn Nov 5,2016


Honoring Debbie Collins Hutcherson, activity director

Today we honor the services of Debbie Collins Hutcherson she serves as Activity Director(assistant) Henry County Healthcare Center, Hutcherson is responsible for bringing different venues for the residents to enjoy she works closely with Tim Lee to ensure that the residents are involved in plenty of activities,games,musical performances,etc.
Debbie is also a lovable family person married to Paris Police officer Tony Hutcherson they are highly respected throughout her community with that said we wish her a happy birthday on today and we simply say thank you for all that you do be blessed.

Honoring Tonia Atkinson, nutritionist

At this time we honor the services of Tonia Houston Atkinson,she has worked in food and nutrition for almost 20 years beginning at the Henry School district and now for Henry Co Medical Center ,Tonia is a certified nutritionist she works hard daily to insure that the residents of Henry Co Healthcare are properly taken care in their needs of nutrition,Tonia also is loving family person she loves spending time with her children and grandchild today we honor Tonia for her hard work and dedication we also wish her a happy birthday we simply say thank you for your service to your community.

Honoring Paula Ragsdale,RN

At this time we honor the healthcare services of Paula Ragsdale of Bruceton,Tn .Paula has worked in healthcare at Henry County Healthcare,Dresden,Tn,Humboldt,Tn and also in Bruceton,Tn .Paula has a great love for her profession and she is also a animal lover ,her top priority is her family whom she loves and cherish.
With that said we honor her on her birthday for her service to her community we simply say thank you for all that you do be blessed.

Honoring Ivory T.Ellison

Honoring Ivory T.Ellison who currently serves as a deacon for Light of Life Ministries ,Ellison has just marked 35 years of bringing gospel music to the airways of West Tennessee in 1981 Ellison replaced longtime gospel radio host Rev.B.J Holmes and began to bring gospel music 5 nights a week on 95.3 FM Brownsville Radio.
Before hand in 1974 Ellison along with his wife Ella created the legendary family gospel group the Ellison Family that included sons Vince,Marvin(J.C Penney CEO),Bo Bo aka Ivory Ellison Jr,daughter Virginia, later the younger siblings Sylvia,Jonathan and Renatha would be added to the group,in the mid 1980’s his older son Robert Taylor a dynamic guitarists joined up with the family and accompanied Vince,Marvin,and BoBo in recording one of their top hits “keep the faith”Robert performed a guitar solo in that recording.
During the course of Ellison’s gospel promotion he was also very instrumental in bringing big named gospel groups to Brownsville and West Tennessee groups like the Mighty Clouds of Joy the Truthettes,Gospel 4, and many others with all this said today we honor Ivory T.Ellison for a job well done we simply say thank you sir for your hardwork and dedication be blessed.