Honoring Ivory T.Ellison

Honoring Ivory T.Ellison who currently serves as a deacon for Light of Life Ministries ,Ellison has just marked 35 years of bringing gospel music to the airways of West Tennessee in 1981 Ellison replaced longtime gospel radio host Rev.B.J Holmes and began to bring gospel music 5 nights a week on 95.3 FM Brownsville Radio.
Before hand in 1974 Ellison along with his wife Ella created the legendary family gospel group the Ellison Family that included sons Vince,Marvin(J.C Penney CEO),Bo Bo aka Ivory Ellison Jr,daughter Virginia, later the younger siblings Sylvia,Jonathan and Renatha would be added to the group,in the mid 1980’s his older son Robert Taylor a dynamic guitarists joined up with the family and accompanied Vince,Marvin,and BoBo in recording one of their top hits “keep the faith”Robert performed a guitar solo in that recording.
During the course of Ellison’s gospel promotion he was also very instrumental in bringing big named gospel groups to Brownsville and West Tennessee groups like the Mighty Clouds of Joy the Truthettes,Gospel 4, and many others with all this said today we honor Ivory T.Ellison for a job well done we simply say thank you sir for your hardwork and dedication be blessed.


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