Prayers for our neighbors in East Tennessee

From your brothers and sisters here in West Tennessee we stand with you in East Tennessee during this time of tragedy as of today 7 people has lost their lives and numerous amount of property lost we extend our condolences to those families and we lift you up in prayer for a speedy recovery throughout Gatlinburg,Pigeon Forge,and all East Tennessee be blessed.


Honoring the life of Nancy White

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Nancy White who passed just a matter of hours ago,she was well loved ,she served as a mothering figure for many staff members at Henry County Healthcare
She was a resident of Paris,TN her son Jamario White was her pride and joy along with her other children and family members.
Ms White loved to listen to blues music as well as gospel music her favorite gospel group was Lee Williams and Spiritual QC’s one of her favorite songs from them was “let’s go fishing”we will miss the presence of Ms.White she will be forever missed at this time we extend a heartfelt condolences to the surviving family members we pray for your strength and endurance during this difficult time prayers go out to you be blessed.

Honoring Nadine Bond Dudley,musician

Honoring Nadine Bond Dudley,a native of Jackson-Madison County,Tn she is the wife of up and coming musician and composer Justin Dudley and the 3rd daughter of Bishop Nathaniel Bond and Lady Norma Bond.
We honor Nadine for her service to her church and community she has been apart of DHP Mass Choir,Light of Life Ensemble while associated with the musical group she along with them are Stella Award Winners.
We say Happy Birthday to our sister Nadine Bond Dudley we honor your service to your church and your community be blessed.

Honoring Allan Gilliland,Law Enforcement

Honoring Allan Gilliland for his service to his community of Crockett County,Tn. Allan grew up in Crockett County went to school and served his hometown of Friendship,Tn as police officer before hand he worked as a volunteer fireman for the community of Bonicord,Tn he would later become chief of police in Friendship,Tn and would later move up to detective @ Crockett County Sheriff’s Department he also owns his own landscaping business where he gives troubled youths a second chance at life by becoming productive citizens we honor Allan for his service to his community we wish him a happy birthday and we simply say thank you sir for your service.

Honoring those who are there for others when needed the most

Today in the city of Paris,Tn @ Paris Community of Christ Church a group of people gathered to show a outpouring of love and compassion for their fellow citizens these includes Chaplains,RN’s and caregivers they were as follows Denise Brogdon,Carol Peppler,Valerie Bates,Paul Setlech,Mark and Tabitha McWherter,Carman Wright,Susie Sims,Debbie Morgan,Tracye Morgan,Marian Watson, Sharon Wilbanks,Patricia Todd,and Carmen Pariseau. 
They held a candelight vigil for local residents who lost loved ones each candle represented a loved one passed on the grieving family members were greeted with hugs and words of encouragement from our featured panel they were comforted in song by Mark McWherter(on guitar) and his wife Tabitha McWherter a local nurse graced them in song.
The event is held annually for local citizens to come together and share and fellowship and comfort one another in their time of bereavement.
We honor such noble gestures from people with a special calling like these in Hospice care ,you are truly a blessing to so many we honor you and all that you do ,you are a part of our lives forever more be truly blessed today we honor your service to our great community we call West Tennessee.

Political nonsense

Since this political season began we’ve seen both candidates engage in childlike tandroms 

In some cases out right lie ,like the they are coming to take your guns only an idiot would think we don’t need some type of gun control the same group that is screaming blue lives matter are the same ones too dumb to see that the average criminal far out gun the police ,you can be banned from planes but…

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Honoring Craig Perry,Caregiver

Honoring Craig Perry of Paris,Tn .Craig ensures that the people that come through the services of Henry County/Plumley Rehab Center are treated with the utmost respect possible he goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are treated as his own family we honor Craig for his service to his community and we wish him a happy birthday we simply say thank you sir for your service to our community.

Honoring Minister Anthony Reed

At this time we honor our very own Minister Anthony Reed, he grew up in Bells,Tn and attended Crockett County High School while living here in West Tennessee he attended Deliverance House of Prayer aka Light of Life Ministries pastored by his mentor Bishop Nathaniel Bond, Anthony attended along with his parents James and Mary Reed and his little brothers Garrick and Lorenzo Reed.
Anthony also worked at Lane College of Jackson,Tn for a brief time, he later moved to the St.Louis,Mo and studied at Missouri Baptist University he would later marry the love of his life Tamara Gigi and he would began his own church All Nations Church in St.Louis,Mo.
Anthony has long been a successful vocalist at his childhood church like his father he sang in the local choir.
Anthony has become successful as Pastor of All Nations Church in St.Louis with that said we honor Minister Reed a native of West Tennessee he’s in the business of saving souls and we honor that of him we simply say thank you sir for your service to your community and your service to God.

Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness Month with that said know your risks know your numbers get screened for diabetes 
This disease can rob you of your independence ,it can and will kill you if left un detected and un controlled.
West Tennessee Honors salute all of our diabetics both T1 and T2 we understand your struggles you are in our thoughts and prayers be blessed.