Honoring those who are there for others when needed the most

Today in the city of Paris,Tn @ Paris Community of Christ Church a group of people gathered to show a outpouring of love and compassion for their fellow citizens these includes Chaplains,RN’s and caregivers they were as follows Denise Brogdon,Carol Peppler,Valerie Bates,Paul Setlech,Mark and Tabitha McWherter,Carman Wright,Susie Sims,Debbie Morgan,Tracye Morgan,Marian Watson, Sharon Wilbanks,Patricia Todd,and Carmen Pariseau. 
They held a candelight vigil for local residents who lost loved ones each candle represented a loved one passed on the grieving family members were greeted with hugs and words of encouragement from our featured panel they were comforted in song by Mark McWherter(on guitar) and his wife Tabitha McWherter a local nurse graced them in song.
The event is held annually for local citizens to come together and share and fellowship and comfort one another in their time of bereavement.
We honor such noble gestures from people with a special calling like these in Hospice care ,you are truly a blessing to so many we honor you and all that you do ,you are a part of our lives forever more be truly blessed today we honor your service to our great community we call West Tennessee.


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