You got to first love yourself

As some of you may already know in October ,2012 I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic,since then I have been researching it and doing my research I’ve learned that the majority of the public think this is a fat man’s disease.

Back on Halloween I went for my regular A1C hemoglobin test to see what affects the diabetes is doing to my body earlier tests revealed some slight damage to my kidneys at one point the levels were getting to where they needed to be,the clinic where I am currently treated for diabetes have yet to send me my results from lab tests which is not letting me know whether or not that I’ve met my A1C goals.

Every time I go there for a visit there is a change in staff ,and they are not familiar with my situation,on at least 3 occasions I’ve requested to have a statement sent to my place of employment stating that this is an ongoing occurrence so that the point system installed there will not go against me so I can maintain my employer sponsored healthcare coverage because prior to this I was under the Affordable Healthcare coverage and it didn’t work out for my wife and I

It looks like I may have to search for a new healthcare provider because I am aware of the devastation this disease can cause and according to the original diagnosis in 2012 I’ve had the disease from quite sometime before they found it I am forever grateful for them saving my life with that said I need proper care so that I can treat this the way it ought to be treated

After working an extensive amount of hours walking is unbearable I just wish some healthcare providers wouldn’t treat this as a fat man’s disease and their patients as another chore and not as a responsibility because whatever we’re diagnosed with our families suffer from it as well


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