Oh Really now

I just read a post on facebook posting of advertising stating that Jesus is alive ,then they proceeded to post have anyone seen him because they certainly haven’t I say to that person we haven’t seen Christopher Columbus but he’s celebrated every year ,we work 40 hours every week for check we don’t see until a week later we put our trust in Man in whom we see everyday  and and he lies cheat,steal and kill.

bottom line is Jesus is real just because you don’t physically see him  doesn’t mean he is not real you have your health and strength thank Jesus for that it would be a shame to live this life on this hellish earth and at the end find out that Jesus really is real only to hear him say depart from me I know you not I believe I ‘ll take my chances and believe in something I haven’t seen but I know is real than wait and die and end up in eternal damnation.


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