Jesus Christ not being born on December 25th is no new News

It’s Christmas Eve and some people won’t take a break from ignorance and stupidity most of us that has any kind of access to the internet and other search engines on it know that historical facts tells us Jesus wasn’t born on Dec 25 but we know he was born ,it amazes me that we as a society want to be accurate on certain things like President’s Day for instance witch falls on about the 3rd Monday in February it was created to commemorate the memories of Abraham Lincoln born Feb 12 and George Washington born on Feb 22 ,same thing with Dr.Martin Luther King Jr born Jan 15,1929 born it is held as a holiday on the 3rd Monday in January.Let’s take your birthday for instance you yourself don’t know for sure what day you were born you know what was told to you and documented by other people and you have been celebrating it for years with that said we are smart enough to know Christmas is not accurately Dec 25 but we do know there was a 1st Christmas so don’t ruin it for the rest of us because you want to be so accurate all of a sudden be thankful we live in a nation where we are free enough to give some recognition that Jesus was born don’t know about you but that’a all I need.


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