How can we respect one another and not know one another

On this site in the beginning and throughout the month of February we will be acknowledging black history month not because we think one race is superior or inferior to the other simply because as I found out yesterday today’s generation simply don’t know about the fundamentals of slavery some don’t even know why African American have European surnames or that we contributed more to this nation that what our history books tells us so I hope you visit our site during this extravaganza and be informed be blessed.


Venting Time

It amazes me how soon we the American public forget,everyday now that we cut the tv on and listen to the news something major is happening.

For instance the border wall issue let’s be hypothetical and make this between two private citizens let’s say we lived in a neighborhood where you are allowed to let your dogs and cats roam about in your yard while they’re out roaming about they venture into my yard so I decide I need to build a fence,wall ,etc and bill it to you even though you didn’t ask for it I push my will on you instead of coming up with a joint conclusion to solve it we go rogue and guess who foots the bill.

Now it’s a no brainer that something needs to be done about the overflow of drug trafficing,etc into our nation but has anyone ever thought how the Mexican cartels are becoming wealthy its because of American criminals being customers of the Cartels but we won’t hear that on the news because your average looking American business man doesn’t fit the narrative we need someone who looks as they are a migrant worker named Hernandez or Gonzales.

On to another topic all of a sudden since 9/11 instead of going after the real threat islamic extremist we go after everything Muslim ,I’m not a muslim and I don’t agree with their ideaology  but it wasn’t too long ago people who claimed to be of the Christian faith were owning slaves and degrading women as second class citizens any religion can have extremist for instance the Waco Incident with David Koresh in 1993 or the Jim Jones cult situation from the late 1970’s those were not of the Muslim faith.

My 3rd and final vent for the day since last Friday’s ignauguration we have seen executive order after executive order it wasn’t all that long ago  we were all in a hissy fit over Barack Obama’s excecutive orders it wasn’t until this past fall that it was proven without a doubt he was even born in the USA .He was deemed an AntiChrist, a hater of America and they feared he issue Martial law but he wasn’t the one who sided with the Putin Regime for under minding the American electoral process or waste time on election results that was in his favor but seem to insist there is voter fraud when there is no supporting evidence but overwhelming evidence of Russian Hacking doesn’t add up to me .In closing for those of you who can’t seem to understand what this site is about the tagline is “this site is about family,honor,and personal experiences”this is why it’s called a personal  website.

Honoring Bishop Carlos Shutes

Today we honor Bishop Carlos Shutes of Jackson.Tn a native of Humboldt,Tn ,Shutes comes from a family of ministers his father and several cousins are ministers of the faith his children are a musical dynasty 
Bishop Shutes is the Pastor of Parker’s Chapel in southern Carroll County,Tn we honor him for his service to our community and we wish him a Happy BIRTHDAY on today.

Are we still bickering

Due to me working and paying taxes and helping my fellow Americans make America great again and reflecting on the 5th anniversary of the passing of my Mother.I didn’t forget that the torch has been passed from one leader to another.

As I scrolled through social media to gather informative content for my blog site I couldn’t help but noticed we’re still at name calling and insults to the liberals Donald J.Trump is President no doubt about it to the conservatives he is not perfect just like all 44 of his predecessors.

We should remember we’re all Americans one should be able to have a dialogue without being insulted for who they voted for or for what they protest about I see both points of view the Conservatives must realize that their candidate made some ridiculous statements on the campaign trail and have done some tactics that raises some curiosities just as Liberals must also come to the same conclusion the Email scandal and the Russian hacking are both devastating blows to our democracy this is my take on this not trying to win a popularity contest here.

Nevertheless we are here now a new administration is in power let’s see will they indeed work for us like promised and one last thing about our former commander in chief he wasn’t fired he termed out to make such statements is idiotic and I myself didn’t agree with all of his policies but one must give credit where credit is due there were 2 wars going on 2009 bin Laden was running rampid gas prices were nearly $ 4.00 in my neck of the woods 8 years later our sons,daughters,brothers,sisters,parents came home,Bin Laden captured and killed gas prices more affordable these are facts lets support our current administration in making America great again but at the same time let’s not act like  the last 8 years nothing good happened because it did why because we were told “Yes We Can” let’s grow up stop worrying  about ignauguration crowd comparison from 2017 and 2009 and just run the country be blessed.

introducing the network

I have been blogging for a few years now since joining WordPress the experience has been a wonderful one I have recieved numerous messages about the contents of my website and blog I greatly appreciate all the kind words so I’ve put together this piece to give you a glance as to what is all about its more than a blogging site,or wordpress site there are 2 other facebook pages linked to the site as well as a YouTube channel and Instagram and Twitter and Google plus page linked therefore it also known as network because its all from one source thank you for tuning in hope you find this site to be informative as well as a blessing to you all. P.S West Tennessee Honors is no longer a facebook page it is now a blog portion of the jerryshutes.wordpress .com site.

The hardest part of the week

As some of you may know this week in January is not good one for me on this very week 5 years ago I got the worst news of my life. On January 20 ,2012 the morning of I started my day as a normal routine about 30 minutes into my shift my supervisor summoned me to the office I get there, there are 2 police officers there asking me if I was who I am after verification they proceeded to tell me my mother had been struck and killed in a traffic incident in Alamo Tennessee some 60 or so miles away I was devastated they asked could they get me anything I asked for my wife I couldn’t sleep for weeks I later learned my sister witnessed the whole thing my heart ached for her.on the night before Jan 19,2012 I spoke with my mother via phone last words I told her was I loved her I will be too emotional to post anything on the 5th anniversary of her passing so I have scheduled a tribute to her on my website’s blog my mother was my best friend we would encourage one another when we knew the other one was hurt in fact she is the reason I created the honors blog it started out as a Facebook page under her name then on to Shutes Family Honors to West Tennessee Honors and now it’s a blog of Honor called the West Tennessee Honors Blog she always believed that we should treat others the way we want to be treated she always told me to you are just as good as anyone else hold your head up with that said I heard you Mom this is me holding my head up remembering you on this somber anniversary January 20 RIP mother you live in my heart forever more

Other than God you are your own true friend

In the 45 years I’ve been on this earth I’ve learned that all of your relatives are not family and all of your daily contacts are not friends, They are out to discourage you talk down to you and make you feel worthless its up to you to think  highly of you nobody knows you better than you there is nobody on this earth just like you ,you are unique you are special because God Almighty made you this way.

With that being said the next time that jealous sibling,cousin,co-worker,classmate,church member,etc have something negative to spread about you remember your own self worth you are more than a conquerer you are YOU, and if any of your daily contacts lies to you they’ll lie on you so be careful only trust in God and You ,you are only ones that have your best interest at heart.

Honoring Elder Leon White

Honoring Chicago native Elder Leon White,Elder White came to Tennessee and began his ministry in Milan.Tn after years of Pastoring there he came to Paris and began sharing his vision and created the Church in Paris the congregation has grown tremendously it’s services is covered on YouTube and Facebook.
Recently Elder White embarked on expanding his ministry into the Murray,Ky area (Church in Murray) we honor his service to his community we simply say thank you for your service and we wish you a happy birthday on today be blessed.

Long over due

AUBURN, N.Y. (AP) — New York lawmakers and federal parks officials are gathering in Washington, D.C. to formally establish the Harriet Tubman National Historical Park in New York. U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will preside over an official signing ceremony Tuesday that will make the park part of the National Park System. It encompasses the…

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At the end of his road

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Dylann Roof said he wasn’t sure “what good it would do” to ask jurors for life in prison instead of execution, showing no remorse for killing nine black church members during a Bible study. In his final argument to jurors, Roof, a 22-year-old white man, said he felt like he had…

via In Final Argument, Roof Does Not Ask Jury To Spare Life — Black America Web

Our Elected officials are supposed to represent us

Since the 2016 elections there has been a lot of speculation going on about Russian hacking It is essential that our Commander in Chief listens to intelligence agencies so that they are briefed on the threats to our nation this is far more serious than the email scandal from a former Secretary of State I didn’t start blogging to win a popularity contest I am tax paying citizen who feels like America is getting screwed in the behind and our new President is holding the camera.

Honoring Marcus Lee,Law enforcement

Honoring Stanton,Tn native Marcus Lee for his service to his community,Marcus is the son of Richard and Min.Nadine Lee he currently works for the Memphis Police Dept,Marcus grew up in a God fearing home his father Richard Lee a member of the famed musical group the Lee Brothers ,his mother Min Nadine Lee a dynamic minister
Marcus grew up in the Light of Life Ministries Church he took what he’s learned and he uses it daily on the hard streets of Memphis,Tn we honor his service to his community we simply say thank you for your service and we wish you a happy birthday on today