The hardest part of the week

As some of you may know this week in January is not good one for me on this very week 5 years ago I got the worst news of my life. On January 20 ,2012 the morning of I started my day as a normal routine about 30 minutes into my shift my supervisor summoned me to the office I get there, there are 2 police officers there asking me if I was who I am after verification they proceeded to tell me my mother had been struck and killed in a traffic incident in Alamo Tennessee some 60 or so miles away I was devastated they asked could they get me anything I asked for my wife I couldn’t sleep for weeks I later learned my sister witnessed the whole thing my heart ached for her.on the night before Jan 19,2012 I spoke with my mother via phone last words I told her was I loved her I will be too emotional to post anything on the 5th anniversary of her passing so I have scheduled a tribute to her on my website’s blog my mother was my best friend we would encourage one another when we knew the other one was hurt in fact she is the reason I created the honors blog it started out as a Facebook page under her name then on to Shutes Family Honors to West Tennessee Honors and now it’s a blog of Honor called the West Tennessee Honors Blog she always believed that we should treat others the way we want to be treated she always told me to you are just as good as anyone else hold your head up with that said I heard you Mom this is me holding my head up remembering you on this somber anniversary January 20 RIP mother you live in my heart forever more