Are we still bickering

Due to me working and paying taxes and helping my fellow Americans make America great again and reflecting on the 5th anniversary of the passing of my Mother.I didn’t forget that the torch has been passed from one leader to another.

As I scrolled through social media to gather informative content for my blog site I couldn’t help but noticed we’re still at name calling and insults to the liberals Donald J.Trump is President no doubt about it to the conservatives he is not perfect just like all 44 of his predecessors.

We should remember we’re all Americans one should be able to have a dialogue without being insulted for who they voted for or for what they protest about I see both points of view the Conservatives must realize that their candidate made some ridiculous statements on the campaign trail and have done some tactics that raises some curiosities just as Liberals must also come to the same conclusion the Email scandal and the Russian hacking are both devastating blows to our democracy this is my take on this not trying to win a popularity contest here.

Nevertheless we are here now a new administration is in power let’s see will they indeed work for us like promised and one last thing about our former commander in chief he wasn’t fired he termed out to make such statements is idiotic and I myself didn’t agree with all of his policies but one must give credit where credit is due there were 2 wars going on 2009 bin Laden was running rampid gas prices were nearly $ 4.00 in my neck of the woods 8 years later our sons,daughters,brothers,sisters,parents came home,Bin Laden captured and killed gas prices more affordable these are facts lets support our current administration in making America great again but at the same time let’s not act like  the last 8 years nothing good happened because it did why because we were told “Yes We Can” let’s grow up stop worrying  about ignauguration crowd comparison from 2017 and 2009 and just run the country be blessed.