Venting Time

It amazes me how soon we the American public forget,everyday now that we cut the tv on and listen to the news something major is happening.

For instance the border wall issue let’s be hypothetical and make this between two private citizens let’s say we lived in a neighborhood where you are allowed to let your dogs and cats roam about in your yard while they’re out roaming about they venture into my yard so I decide I need to build a fence,wall ,etc and bill it to you even though you didn’t ask for it I push my will on you instead of coming up with a joint conclusion to solve it we go rogue and guess who foots the bill.

Now it’s a no brainer that something needs to be done about the overflow of drug trafficing,etc into our nation but has anyone ever thought how the Mexican cartels are becoming wealthy its because of American criminals being customers of the Cartels but we won’t hear that on the news because your average looking American business man doesn’t fit the narrative we need someone who looks as they are a migrant worker named Hernandez or Gonzales.

On to another topic all of a sudden since 9/11 instead of going after the real threat islamic extremist we go after everything Muslim ,I’m not a muslim and I don’t agree with their ideaology  but it wasn’t too long ago people who claimed to be of the Christian faith were owning slaves and degrading women as second class citizens any religion can have extremist for instance the Waco Incident with David Koresh in 1993 or the Jim Jones cult situation from the late 1970’s those were not of the Muslim faith.

My 3rd and final vent for the day since last Friday’s ignauguration we have seen executive order after executive order it wasn’t all that long ago  we were all in a hissy fit over Barack Obama’s excecutive orders it wasn’t until this past fall that it was proven without a doubt he was even born in the USA .He was deemed an AntiChrist, a hater of America and they feared he issue Martial law but he wasn’t the one who sided with the Putin Regime for under minding the American electoral process or waste time on election results that was in his favor but seem to insist there is voter fraud when there is no supporting evidence but overwhelming evidence of Russian Hacking doesn’t add up to me .In closing for those of you who can’t seem to understand what this site is about the tagline is “this site is about family,honor,and personal experiences”this is why it’s called a personal  website.