Honoring Mother Luberta Bond

Honoring one of the greatest and most genuine souls that has ever lived born on February 28,1936 she was a member of the Bonds family dynasty born and raised in a strict biblical environment she lived what  she was taught and she instilled that in her son Bishop Nathaniel Bond and her grandchildren ,nieces and nephews.
Mother Bond was also an accomplished vocalist she led many praise services during the early ministry of her son before hand her parents and other family members would  have church services in their home in search for the true word of God.
She would later join the DHP Mass choir and she was also a minister of the faith she was very instrumental in the inspiring of the younger members of the congregation she showed them no matter what you go through in life always walk with God and he’ll never leave or forsake you
We know after being acquainted personally with Mother Bond she wouldn’t want to be recognized for any honors she would say give all glory to God she was one of a kind you simply won’t find them like Mother Bond anymore with that being said we honor her memory we extend our condolences to her family  she was a towering figure in West Tennessee today we honor her memory she lives forever more in our hearts
IN Memory of Mother Luberta Bond Feb 28,1936-May,2012.


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