Hyohidrotic Ectodermic Displacia

This is a condition that my grandson Dalton Ward suffers from Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia this is why he is so dear to us we ask that you take a look at this documentary so that it can help all of us deal with our loved ones who suffer from this disease our precious Dalton Ward will be 5 years old April 17th we love him very much.


What does it really mean to be looked on in a negative sense

Today something happened that really got me thinking a co constituent referred to me as his nxxger he immediately apologized​ for it but the damage was done this is not the first controversial talk I’ve heard from him or a few other co constituents there was meme of how to prevent watermelon theft it showed a klansman with rifle shooting at a black person I’ve heard a constituent tell a Jewish constituent that “I thought we burned all of you sob’s up” another statement from constituents​ “It’s a good thing we came over and took this country all the Indians were nothing but savages”This is the kind of behavior is why we can’t move forward I’ve heard that word I heard today all my life and it’s never been used in a good way some fellow African American have taken the word and turned it around and used it as greeting in defiance as to what the origin of what the word really meant you can not say with your mouth my best friend is black, etc but with your heart refer to us as nxxger that’s hypocrisy I’d much rather you not say a word to me than to clown like you really like me I be been disrespected by my stepchildren and in-laws and other members of this community with their racist ideology you refuse to see equality in it’s true form not all us African Americans are thugs or pants sagging villans some of you would know that if you took the time to get to know us in some cases animals are shown more love than we are all we ever did was wanting to be equal which is our God given right.

Hidden Monsters

On yesterday,March 13,2017 I was scrolling through my facebook newsfeed to search for news for my blog and I came upon a post from a local healthcare provider making reference to President Donald Trump being barred from certain facilities in Nashville,Tn by the city council because of his refusal to release his tax records,I commented and stated that if our tax dollars are going to pay to build a wall supposedly paid for by Mexico he then should carry out his campaign promise and show his tax returns, I went on to say that within a years time 14 million Americans will lose healthcare coverage under the Republican plan and we’re sitting here talking about a billionaire being banned because they feel like most other Americans we pay taxes our government officials should as well.

Needless to say all I got in response was a bunch healthcare providers and Ministers talking about how the President shouldn’t be banned leave him alone, show some respect.Respect is earned not given after running a campaign of locking up Hilary Clinton for the Email scandal we now have Russian meddling ,wiretapping accusations,and alternative facts all coming from the powers that be my point is to some Right wing supporters it seems to be ok for them to say outlandish things and post false tweets but to  the rest of us don’t dare disagree with them you are called names and told get over the fact that our candidate lost the election it’s far more complexed than that this is about equality and justice for all and if you have healthcare providers and ministers all backing a lying commander in chief and have no compassion about the real struggles facing our nation but instead all bend out of shape because city council of Nashville has banned a sitting President due to their feeling of being treated unfairly then we as a nation are in serious trouble.

In Memory of Mildred Shutes Mar 14,1925-Feb 7,2010

Missionary Mildred Shutes touched many lives during her lifetime she and her husband James Arthur Shutes went about visiting the sick and shut in she believed in witnessing for Jesus Christ on Feb 7,2010 she passed away at Bells nursing home after battling altzheimers she raised 5 children and 3 grandchildren 1 from infant to manhood he being Coach Tony Shutes we honor her memory on what would have been her 92nd birthday.

In Honor of the Memory of Juanita Tharpe March 13,1968-July 4,2016

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Juanita Tharpe ,Juanita worked previously as CNA @ Paris Healthcare in Paris,Tn all of her co-workers stated it was a joy and honor to work with her she was dedicated to her profession.
she also studied to be a LPN @ Tennessee College of Applied Technology,at this time we honor her service as one of the top caregivers of all time we offer our condolences to her family and friends at this time in Memory of Juanita Tharpe 1968-2016 “Gone from earth but Live forever more in our hearts”.

Why I believe in God

Recently I’ve read some posts on facebook in regards to why should black people believe in Jesus.I myself can’t speak for a whole race of people but I can tell you why I believe in him first thing you must do is get off the just a biblical character deal he is more than that he is someone you can have the personal relationship with in the spiritual sense, my experience started when I was really young I almost died atleast 3 times over the past 45 years first encounter was when I was about 3 or 4 years old back in those days kerosene was used to heat the house it was kept in a mason jar and it looked to be as water so i consumed it am I’m still here, a little later in life I was in the back seat of my parents’ car in the town of Maury City,Tn the door wasn’t shut all the way I fell out into oncoming traffic I’m still here,since I’ve been in my 40’s my doctor told me I was near slipping into a diabetic coma I’m still here now some of you may say it’s just luck I don’t think so a lot of young men my age didn’t make into their 20’s I was blessed with a wife that is also a walking miracle when we first met she was diagnosed with a enlarged heart she is still here ,people told us we can’t ,or we won’t ever do this or that ,some family members even went far enough to tell us on our wedding night we wouldn’t last 3 months well that was 23 years ago today we’re still married and doing well God is real to me he got me through the loss of my mother and grandparents he provided a father figure for me when my biological father didn’t step up I’ve never been without food,shelter or clothing ,with that said others can think they don’t have to have Jesus in their lives for whatever reason but you tell me who else got us as black people through over 300 years of slavery more than 100 years of Jim Crow ,more than 50 years of systemic racism but yet we have become President, Supreme Court judges,governors and mayors the answer is we as a people kept the faith we kept working we kept believing you can be anything you wanna be if you keep God first set your goals work toward your goals no weapon formed against you shall prosper this is why I believe in God I’ve seen deaf ears healed, painless births this it’s not a hoax God is real for I know he is to me

In Memory of Alfreda Ayers Milton March 3,1963-Sep 12,2012

Alfreda was originally from the state of Texas but she called Tennessee her home in her last remaining years she was a giver until there was no more to give she touched the lives of so many people. She was always encouraging people going above and beyond the call of duty,she loved her church (Church in Paris) and she loved her community today we honor what she stood for and to this cause we shall never forget what she contributed she was a towering figure and a child of the Most HIgh we dedicate this piece in memory of Alfreda Ayers Milton one of Heaven’s and Texas’ greatest gifts to us RIP.

Political fallout from Presidential address

After watching the President’s address to Congress last night I was awakened to all kinds of foolishness in regards to the lack of response by Democrats on the President’s address on my news feed.One post even read that Trump has done more than that Muslim turd Obama has done in 8 years the spelling wasn’t the best but I see we really have hateful bigoted people still trying to blame Barack Obama not saying he was perfect but we must remember bin Laden was captured on his watch jobs were added under his watch we are better off than we were 8 years ago if you think lying about Russian hacking Bowling Green and Sweden massacre is better than what we had then you are dillusional you say we shouldn’t have health insurance forced on us to get neither should we be forced to pay for a border wall you are upset because Democrats didn’t applaud the statement to a widow of a fallen national hero and they should have where was Republican remorse when young African American males were being gunned down by crooked police or  extreme use of violence used on native Americans protesters in pipeline saga funny how we want to hold some people accountable for the same crap you yourself are doing description for you is one word #hypocrite.