Political fallout from Presidential address

After watching the President’s address to Congress last night I was awakened to all kinds of foolishness in regards to the lack of response by Democrats on the President’s address on my news feed.One post even read that Trump has done more than that Muslim turd Obama has done in 8 years the spelling wasn’t the best but I see we really have hateful bigoted people still trying to blame Barack Obama not saying he was perfect but we must remember bin Laden was captured on his watch jobs were added under his watch we are better off than we were 8 years ago if you think lying about Russian hacking Bowling Green and Sweden massacre is better than what we had then you are dillusional you say we shouldn’t have health insurance forced on us to get neither should we be forced to pay for a border wall you are upset because Democrats didn’t applaud the statement to a widow of a fallen national hero and they should have where was Republican remorse when young African American males were being gunned down by crooked police or  extreme use of violence used on native Americans protesters in pipeline saga funny how we want to hold some people accountable for the same crap you yourself are doing description for you is one word #hypocrite.