Hidden Monsters

On yesterday,March 13,2017 I was scrolling through my facebook newsfeed to search for news for my blog and I came upon a post from a local healthcare provider making reference to President Donald Trump being barred from certain facilities in Nashville,Tn by the city council because of his refusal to release his tax records,I commented and stated that if our tax dollars are going to pay to build a wall supposedly paid for by Mexico he then should carry out his campaign promise and show his tax returns, I went on to say that within a years time 14 million Americans will lose healthcare coverage under the Republican plan and we’re sitting here talking about a billionaire being banned because they feel like most other Americans we pay taxes our government officials should as well.

Needless to say all I got in response was a bunch healthcare providers and Ministers talking about how the President shouldn’t be banned leave him alone, show some respect.Respect is earned not given after running a campaign of locking up Hilary Clinton for the Email scandal we now have Russian meddling ,wiretapping accusations,and alternative facts all coming from the powers that be my point is to some Right wing supporters it seems to be ok for them to say outlandish things and post false tweets but to  the rest of us don’t dare disagree with them you are called names and told get over the fact that our candidate lost the election it’s far more complexed than that this is about equality and justice for all and if you have healthcare providers and ministers all backing a lying commander in chief and have no compassion about the real struggles facing our nation but instead all bend out of shape because city council of Nashville has banned a sitting President due to their feeling of being treated unfairly then we as a nation are in serious trouble.