Smokey Robinson with West Tennessee Roots

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On this Sunday’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? at 10/9c on TLC, Motown legend and icon Smokey Robinson dives into his late mother’s family history. He searches for answers behind the mystery of why his grandfather disappeared from his children’s lives, and finds a man tangled in a swirl of controversy. Then Smokey uncovers the story of his great-grandfather, and comes face to face with an unbelievable history.

Anyone in my generation is familiar with Smokey Robinson, nicknamed “Smokey Joe,” from his days with The Miracles beginning in the mid-1950s through his more recent continuing performances even though he’s no youngster anymore.

You can hear his infamous “Agony and “Ecstasy” here.

One of the aspects of this episode that I really enjoyed was that Smokey seems so “real.” He’s not an actor, and you can tell that what he says is absolutely sincere and often, the same exact…

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In Honor of greatness

by Lori Lakin Hutcherson (@lakinhutcherson) The Jackie Robinson Museum is one step closer to becoming a reality. The Jackie Robinson Foundation hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for donors on April 27, 2017. The 18,500-square foot space will honor the late sports legend Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball and played an active, pioneering […]

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I sure do miss my mother

Since my mother’s passing and the passing of my grandparents what I used to know as family is no more,I was born in a unwanted situation where my biological father didn’t want to have a thing to do with me ,I recently talked to him over the phone and contacted my half brother on facebook, the phone conversation was colder than a january day in northern Canada,the half brother faded off my friendlist because of doubt about our biological connection.

I’ve since quit worrying about it I just speak with cousins from his side of the family via facebook, then there’s the maternal side for those of you that don’t know that would be my mother’s side of the family the grandparents seemed to have kept my aunts and uncles and cousins unified at some point, my mother kept my older sister and younger brother with my Dad unified so to speak but since she passed thats out too I hear from them when I call or text them first or when someone is in need of something,my younger brother don’t hear from him at all,the subject of this post is I guess what I’m trying to say I’ve always thought highly of my family members back in 2013 I created a facebook page called Shutes Family Honors now known simply as Shutes Family the idea of the page was to stay in contact and stay in touch with each other ,promote family talents,etc but it all went un noticed we have researched our family history ,located historical online documents about our family history was able to trace our lineage back to 1857 with the birth of my 2nd great grandfather.guess what I’m trying to say it’s time for me to hang it all up deep down I feel like the only people who really cared about me was my mother and grandparents and now that they’re gone I only have one person in my life my wife Ann and I’ve told her many times I want to depart this life before she does because I know without a doubt I will have no one then.

Some of you may not quite get this but for those of you that do will understand the point here it’s been 5 years since my Mother passed I have put other family members’ feelings and thoughts first but I was grieving too that day I lost my best friend , I lost a vital important part of me the only person who really understood me with that said best thing I can do is hold on to those precious memories until I see her smile again in the end that’s all I have and nobody can steal that from me.

Paris TN in April

Well it’s officially time for the annual festivity known to many as the World’s Biggest Fish Fry the event brings everyone together even former residents who have moved away return home for the week long event which consists of carnival, rodeos, fishing tournaments and yes the fish fry itself with said hopefully everyone will come together and have a blast I know I intend on meeting up with my aunt and cousin from Brownsville TN and also take my little grandson Dalton to the carnival have a blessed day.

The Real Reason why we say Black Lives Matter

Not that I agree with every Black Lives Matter movement ,I  however do understand the need to make such a bold statement in recent history we’ve had a young black male in Florida shot while assisting his own autistic patient when asked why was he shot the officer replied “I don’t know”, we had the case in Oklahoma when a female trooper shot and killed a unarmed black man she was heard screaming shots fired when in fact it was her own weapon firing the shots ,then there was the case in Staten Island ,New York when unarmed Eric Garner was put into a illegal choke hold and died screaming the words” I can’t breathe”.Now I know not all cases are racially motivated ,not all all cops are bigots ,not all young black males are pant sagging thugs but the media sends out these false narratives pitting us against one another.Since I started this blog and have been doing online research for it I’ve seen where people blaming everyone from former Atty General Eric Holder to former President Barack Obama for worsening race relations in this country instead on focusing on the real cause the individual no one wants to have a civilize debate about it instead we get biased reporters like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity screaming at their guests because they see a different view here recently we had a sitting president blatantly accuse a former president of criminal activity with no proof further putting our country in further racial divide ,I myself have in recent months been victim of hurtful racial remarks from people i work with everyday with this said I shared this documentary to educate those who don’t know the true meaning of Black Lives Matter out of all the incidents I named the people who afflicted these crimes were not punished but put on administrative leave otherwords they’re on vacation while the victims are either dead and gone and their families are left to grieve or the victim is left victimized and feeling a sense of unequality as if their life doesn’t really matter I’ve felt that way in my own home this is real and until we’re all free from this devil-like mentality we need to discuss, it address it, deal with it, so we can fix it.

When a person is judged by their demeanor

A lot of things can be determined by a person’s demeanor whether or not they’re tolerable enough to take jokes, what kind of jokes so on and so forth.

With myself I’m considered to be somewhat mild mannered otherwise I don’t get to uptight about everything with that said people have the tendency to say whatever they want regardless of how hurtful it may be,but when there’s an unexpected reaction from me then I’m considered the bad guy or monster which is far from the truth.I’m human with emotions like everyone else.

I’d like to think there’s good in everyone but lately that remains to be seen in some cases ,on my blog I post about honoring local people who have served their community in some capacity I named it West Tennessee Honors because we honor the residents here who resides in West Tennessee for those of us who blog or run websites are familiar with the term spam comments ,one commented that they didn’t agree with West Tennessee Honors ,another commented saying it was too broad of a subject that they couldn’t comprehend well I say to you my tagline says a site about honor, family and personal thoughts with that said when viewing this site ,the blog or any other of it’s pages these are my ideas you should know that before viewing i dedicated the blog portion to honoring my fellow citizens and will continue to do so why? It’s my site and it’s something I feel compelled to do I don’t need approval from someone I never met I choose to use genuine material on my site for info I try to educate myself and followers of the site about our holidays and historical figures it’s my intention to make a unique site not to be carbon copy of any other site on the internet so if you see something on my site you don’t like it’s like any other resource you don’t have to visit because there’s 10 positives to every negative spam post I receive I could write about a bunch of false narratives and gain hundreds of followers but that’s not my intention.

As a nation we wonder why we have lunatics like the Ohio man who shot and killed a 74 year old elderly man because he felt he had no way out ,when you see someone blogging about their thoughts the least you can do is keep your negative thoughts to yourself as a nation we are quick to judge the actions of the guilty but do nothing when the person is crying out for help .signs are revealed it’s up to  the rest of us to see those signs who knows you just may save a life just by being positive have a blessed weekend.

Honoring the late Minister Jerry W.Montgomery Sr 1965-2015

At this time we honor the memory of the late Minister Jerry W.Montgomery Sr a native of Ripley/Lauderdale County,Tn he came from a dynasty of a family of ministers he would later become an associate minister @ Light of Life/DHP Ministries and later he was pastor and founder of his own church in the city of Brownsville,Tn he was a dynamic minister who had old school values he gave his heart and soul to the love of his family and his church  October,2015 he slipped away from us and gained his heavenly crown he will be forever missed we honor Minister Montgomery for his work in the ministry and the community we extend a heartfelt condolences to his family in honor of Minister Jerry W.Montgomery Sr 1965-2015.

When lies tear apart a family

Lies can do a lot of damage to any relationship whether it be husband & wife or parents and siblings or any other family members,a lot things get blown out of proportion when you lie or over dramatize things it does a long lasting damage to the stability of any relationship.

As for me I hate drama I will do my best to help a friend or family solve their issues by giving them sound advice but to continue to purposely be lied to is a down right insult to my intelligence life is too short for any drama,if you love someone or cherish their very existence the lying should be off the table end of story.