When a person is judged by their demeanor

A lot of things can be determined by a person’s demeanor whether or not they’re tolerable enough to take jokes, what kind of jokes so on and so forth.

With myself I’m considered to be somewhat mild mannered otherwise I don’t get to uptight about everything with that said people have the tendency to say whatever they want regardless of how hurtful it may be,but when there’s an unexpected reaction from me then I’m considered the bad guy or monster which is far from the truth.I’m human with emotions like everyone else.

I’d like to think there’s good in everyone but lately that remains to be seen in some cases ,on my blog I post about honoring local people who have served their community in some capacity I named it West Tennessee Honors because we honor the residents here who resides in West Tennessee for those of us who blog or run websites are familiar with the term spam comments ,one commented that they didn’t agree with West Tennessee Honors ,another commented saying it was too broad of a subject that they couldn’t comprehend well I say to you my tagline says a site about honor, family and personal thoughts with that said when viewing this site ,the blog or any other of it’s pages these are my ideas you should know that before viewing i dedicated the blog portion to honoring my fellow citizens and will continue to do so why? It’s my site and it’s something I feel compelled to do I don’t need approval from someone I never met I choose to use genuine material on my site for info I try to educate myself and followers of the site about our holidays and historical figures it’s my intention to make jerryshutes.com a unique site not to be carbon copy of any other site on the internet so if you see something on my site you don’t like it’s like any other resource you don’t have to visit because there’s 10 positives to every negative spam post I receive I could write about a bunch of false narratives and gain hundreds of followers but that’s not my intention.

As a nation we wonder why we have lunatics like the Ohio man who shot and killed a 74 year old elderly man because he felt he had no way out ,when you see someone blogging about their thoughts the least you can do is keep your negative thoughts to yourself as a nation we are quick to judge the actions of the guilty but do nothing when the person is crying out for help .signs are revealed it’s up to  the rest of us to see those signs who knows you just may save a life just by being positive have a blessed weekend.