The Real Reason why we say Black Lives Matter

Not that I agree with every Black Lives Matter movement ,I  however do understand the need to make such a bold statement in recent history we’ve had a young black male in Florida shot while assisting his own autistic patient when asked why was he shot the officer replied “I don’t know”, we had the case in Oklahoma when a female trooper shot and killed a unarmed black man she was heard screaming shots fired when in fact it was her own weapon firing the shots ,then there was the case in Staten Island ,New York when unarmed Eric Garner was put into a illegal choke hold and died screaming the words” I can’t breathe”.Now I know not all cases are racially motivated ,not all all cops are bigots ,not all young black males are pant sagging thugs but the media sends out these false narratives pitting us against one another.Since I started this blog and have been doing online research for it I’ve seen where people blaming everyone from former Atty General Eric Holder to former President Barack Obama for worsening race relations in this country instead on focusing on the real cause the individual no one wants to have a civilize debate about it instead we get biased reporters like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity screaming at their guests because they see a different view here recently we had a sitting president blatantly accuse a former president of criminal activity with no proof further putting our country in further racial divide ,I myself have in recent months been victim of hurtful racial remarks from people i work with everyday with this said I shared this documentary to educate those who don’t know the true meaning of Black Lives Matter out of all the incidents I named the people who afflicted these crimes were not punished but put on administrative leave otherwords they’re on vacation while the victims are either dead and gone and their families are left to grieve or the victim is left victimized and feeling a sense of unequality as if their life doesn’t really matter I’ve felt that way in my own home this is real and until we’re all free from this devil-like mentality we need to discuss, it address it, deal with it, so we can fix it.