I sure do miss my mother

Since my mother’s passing and the passing of my grandparents what I used to know as family is no more,I was born in a unwanted situation where my biological father didn’t want to have a thing to do with me ,I recently talked to him over the phone and contacted my half brother on facebook, the phone conversation was colder than a january day in northern Canada,the half brother faded off my friendlist because of doubt about our biological connection.

I’ve since quit worrying about it I just speak with cousins from his side of the family via facebook, then there’s the maternal side for those of you that don’t know that would be my mother’s side of the family the grandparents seemed to have kept my aunts and uncles and cousins unified at some point, my mother kept my older sister and younger brother with my Dad unified so to speak but since she passed thats out too I hear from them when I call or text them first or when someone is in need of something,my younger brother don’t hear from him at all,the subject of this post is I guess what I’m trying to say I’ve always thought highly of my family members back in 2013 I created a facebook page called Shutes Family Honors now known simply as Shutes Family the idea of the page was to stay in contact and stay in touch with each other ,promote family talents,etc but it all went un noticed we have researched our family history ,located historical online documents about our family history was able to trace our lineage back to 1857 with the birth of my 2nd great grandfather.guess what I’m trying to say it’s time for me to hang it all up deep down I feel like the only people who really cared about me was my mother and grandparents and now that they’re gone I only have one person in my life my wife Ann and I’ve told her many times I want to depart this life before she does because I know without a doubt I will have no one then.

Some of you may not quite get this but for those of you that do will understand the point here it’s been 5 years since my Mother passed I have put other family members’ feelings and thoughts first but I was grieving too that day I lost my best friend , I lost a vital important part of me the only person who really understood me with that said best thing I can do is hold on to those precious memories until I see her smile again in the end that’s all I have and nobody can steal that from me.