RIP Minister Billy Joe Liggons

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Minister Billy Joe Liggons a native of Bells,Tn he was pastor of Trinity Methodist Church in Bells we extend a heartfelt condolences to his family and congregation.


On this day in history

On this day in history on May 29 1917 a 100 years ago today John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born to Rose and Joseph P.Kennedy he would serve his nation in World War II and afterwards in Congress he would marry Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953 in 1956 he was on the Democratic ticket as vice presidential​ candidate in 1960 he was elected 35th president after defeating Richard Nixon while president he created the peace Corp,battled the Cuban missile crisis, launched the man on the moon program and battled the civil Rights movement he was assassinated in front of the nation on November 22,1963 at age 46 he was the youngest to ever to be elected president his time in office was known as Camelot today he would have been 100 years of age he is survived by his only surviving child Caroline Kennedy today we pay homage to one of the nation’s greatest leaders President John Fitzgerald Kennedy May 29 1917-November 22,1963.

Happy Memorial Day

As owner of I would like to pay homage to our fallen military personnel our fallen law enforcement and to the loved ones of those who have passed on especially to my loved ones my mother and grandparents uncles and aunts to those who have served their community whether it was teaching, preaching, nursing,etc today we honor your memory for this to me is the true meaning of memorial day be blessed.

Honoring Shannon Mcfarlin, journalist

At this time we would like to honor a person who has dedicated her life to informing us here in West Tennessee about whats going on that may not make it on local news channels or newspapers she is none other than Shannon Mcfarlin who is editor for the PARIS magazine and WENK/WTPR she goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we are informed as to what is going on around us.We honor Ms.Shannon Mcfarlin for her service to her community and we wish her well in her future endeavors in closing we here at West Tennessee Honors want to be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday on today be blessed.

Taking a closer look at what really matters

Well today was one of those days designated to take a closer look at what’s more important,I often blog about personal thoughts and honoring local residents but today I want to touch on something different ,lately I’ve been going to a round of doctor’s visits due to treatment of diabetes along the way I have been for years suffering from foot problems due to pain in the feet so intense that I was having to use a cane after work some days.

Today the local podiatrist discovered some foot deformities on both of my feet as the root cause of my foot pain along with having diabetes a subject that I will soon not discuss no longer because some of my daily contacts see this as something to poke fun of,I also learned that my wife is having her own health issues with thyroid issues and some internal bleeding we go back to the doctor with her this afternoon its good we’re finally being seen by true physicians and nurses who really care about their patients and I thank God for having a job that allows me to be able to have the benefit of great healthcare for me as well as my wife.

Another subject matter that was brought to my attention this week this one really made me think about things those of you that know me personally know that one of the worst days of my life was when my Mother was killed on January 20,2012 since that time we have come to terms but really never got over her not being here with us her final resting place is in rural southwestern Madison Co,Tn some 70 miles from where I live I managed to visit once a year or two ago but its not something I do regularly I dedicated a page of my website to honor her memory and I think of her every single day to have someone to insinuate that I or my siblings don’t respect my mother because I haven’t visited my mom’s gravesite lately is heartbreaking all my life I’ve heard biblical quotes to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord , now I do intend to do a graveside visit but it needs to be on my terms not because somebody is trying to make me feel guilty my mother and I had a good relationship we would comfort each other when we were discouraged I’ve never been one who jumps and do something because everyone else is doing it that doesn’t dictate my heart with that said it would be nice if people let others grieve as they see fit have you ever thought that some of us find it difficult to talk to a tombstone bearing your mother’s name when in our hearts it feels like she should still be here because she was taken way too soon just my thoughts on the matter be blessed.

Celebrating the birthday girl

Today we wrapped up the birthday celebration for my wife Ann we spent the day at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch horseback riding was in the plans but they fell through so we just spent time enjoying the spectacular views and went to the elequent Paris Landing Inn for a birthday dinner fit for a queen overlooking the beautiful Kentucky Lake I was glad to be able to put a smile on her face we’ve been married for 23 years we’ve had our share of ups and downs but I shall ever forget who was there for me when nobody else was I honor that and what she does in her profession as a caregiver and what she does as a mother and grandmother here’s to you Mrs Shutes I hope I made your day a special one.

Why some Americans think the Confederate monuments should be removed

Here lately there’s been an uproar of sorts as to why the city of New Orleans have begun removing Confederate monuments from around their city it’s really not that hard to understand these symbols have long been symbolic to segregation and racism and doesn’t represent every American I feel as if these symbols should be preserved in historical museums not in a public format the Confederate States of America during the 1860’s were a enemy of the state against the United States of America the same people arguing about these monuments are against Mexican flags and other international symbols citing that this is America we should speak the language and honor American symbols the public would be in a tenzy if we were having British, French Spanish and Mexican monuments throughout the old territories once owned by those nations here in the United States we have historical museums for those type things that’s where they should be preserved for national history no one is suggesting change our history just like in our personal history we have that ex or a family member or friend who did unpleasant things we don’t harbor photos or them in our current lives we have them in photo albums to be cherished as part of our history there are closet bigots that uses the Confederate symbols to insight hate and divisiveness to general public this was never a white nation the people were redskinned native Americans before Europeans came over and brought the Africans now all of a sudden we want people to stay out well wonder if the native Americans had felt that way would America had become the superpower it is today or without the help of African slaves or Chinese immigrants or the Irish or many others​ that have contributed to the success of these United States of America to me this isn’t about race this about keeping history in it’s place and not using it as a prop to make one feel superior and another inferior the motto of this nation is E pluribus unum and for you die hard Americans who thought English was our first language think again this means out of one many it takes all of us to make America great again not some lying part crooked politician.

Honoring Ann Shutes, CNA

At this time we would like to honor the services of none other than Ann Shutes a native of Bells,Tn now residing in Paris,Tn .Shutes has spent the majority of of her life in caregiving while living in southwestern Iowa in the late 1980’s she was a private duty caregiver after moving back to Tennessee in the early 1990’s she was very instrumental in caring for her own father Happle Lee after he was involved in a auto incident in Alamo,Tn in 1992.
In 1996 Shutes moved to Paducah,Ky and began working as a CNA @ Riverfront Terrace then on to Medco Center of Paducah ,with a brief stay in Murray,Ky Shutes also worked as a CNA @ Westview Nursing Home in Murray,KY in 1997,the same year she returned to Paducah and worked as a CNA @ West End Assissted Living and Wellington Parc of Paducah.
In 2001 Ann Shutes returned to Tennessee and started work as a CNA @ Paris Manor now Paris Healthcare she would remain there for 10 years in 2011 she began working @ Henry Co Healthcare until 2013.
Ann has since been working for the CareAll private duty division as well as operating her own clientell she is a CPR certified caregiver who loves her patients as her own family she was also her mother’s caregiver at the time of her death this January,2016
We believe if you look up healthcare in the dictionary you’ll find a photo of Ann Shutes she has a reputation of going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to healthcare with that being said we honor Ann Shutes and we wish her a Happy Birthday we thank you for your service to your community be blessed.

The Consequences of posting false narratives and negative posts on Social Media

In today’s modern society social networking is a constant and its a good tool if used correctly you can grow your business or get your organizations known or raise awareness to certain causes and fund for certain charitable events. However there is also the negative side to social networking things like cyber bullying and spreading online hate ,depending on the size of your following whatever you post has a broad effect on what the public see lately I’ve been seeing posts depicting signs saying no whites allowed and its been viral after a little research come to find out it was a false narrative but all the hurtful comments have been made and are in cyber space forever.

Since Donald Trump was elected president it seems as if all the cockroaches are climbing out of the cabinets calling all liberals crybabies saying all the Mexicans need to go back to Mexico.I’m neither liberal or conservative because to me they both have issues I’m independent I wasn’t a fan of the gender overhaul under the Obama administration I believe if you’re created a man take your behind to the men’s bathroom I also believe sexual preference is just that preference we lay with whomever we decide I however decided to be with a woman my preference,I don’t agree with abortion but I understand their cause for Government not be allowed to tell women what to do with their own bodies not every abortion case in the same for me this is a moral issue not a government one God should be the only judge in this one.

As for gun rights we should have them on other hand we do need stricter gun laws too many young lives are taken far too soon I don’t think guns should be rounded up and taken from law abiding citizens but I do think gun peddling and illegal gun sales should be cut to a minimum,Our Veterans need adequate care I’m not against refugees coming to America but I am against the fact that in some cases they are treated far better than our men and women who served, Our police force should be respected however if you apply to become a officer but have decisive views against blacks, latinos,gays,muslims,women,etc keep your behind off the force because your job is to protect and serve and people from the group i just mentioned are paying your salary no one should kill a officer for being a officer if so they should be charged with a hate crime with that said if a officer has shot and killed someone for being a minority they should be in jail not be suspended with pay .

With all this said both liberals and conservatives have failed miserably and to top it all off these negative conservative and liberal media outlets as well as social media ones doesn’t help at all our children need a better environment nobody wants to discuss their differences its either you’re right and I’m wrong well if you’re the ones who are thinking that all the Latinos should go back to Mexico ask yourself what country was Texas,California,Arizona,New Mexico was apart of prior to 1845 while you’re doing that ask yourself how President Andrew Jackson viewed the Civil War when it happened in 1861-1865 and he died around 1845 its best to read first and talk later session over.

New summer same old trend

We’re heading into a new summer and already the trend just like it has been in the last several years ignorant people are leaving their small children and their pets in hot cars to die I believe lawmakers should make stiff penalties for those morons if you’re  that forgetful of leaving your child and pets in hot automobiles for me there’s no excuse for this we don’t hear of the trend of mobile devices being left in hot cars we’re in a society where our cell phones are more important than our children this cycle of ignorance needs to broken quick and fast.

Hats off to the new Miss USA

After watching the morning news I couldn’t help but notice the attacks on the new Miss USA for stating how she truly felt about healthcare and equalism for women in the work place. I agree with her healthcare is a privilege that should be a right the way stuff is allowed to be stuffed in the food we consume is causing a lot of today’s healthcare issues only to make a quick buck at the expense of us all.And about equalism now that is a right if a woman is just as productive as a man on the job she should be treated as well as he is and her pay should match her ability I didn’t see no wrong in what Miss USA 2017 said she spoke what was needed to be said and that’s the truth which nobody in our nation’s capital want to do anymore.

Honoring Coach Tony Shutes

On this day we honor the man the legend in Coach Tony Shutes who started his career in sports in the early 1980’s but before that Tony was an accomplished basketball player for the then Bells High School Eagles,after that he continued his education at Union University of Jackson,Tn he worked at the YMCA of Jackson and K-Mart to help put himself through school. Tony was raised by his late grandparents James and Mildred Shutes after his mother Mary B.Shutes-Theus decided raising him in Detroit,Mi wasn’t a good idea. Tony would later take care of his elderly grandparents until their deaths in 2009 and 2010,Tony has been a towering figure in West Tennessee sports he was recently featured in the black history segment on Wbbj tv 7 back in February,2016. we are honoring Tony because he is what he says he is he has always had a love for sports and he pushes his team to strive to be the best on the courts and on the streets so on this day we honor Coach Tony Shutes and we wish him a happy birthday today and we simply say thank you sir for inspiring so many be blessed.

Why marriages and relationships fall apart

One of the main reasons marriages and relationships fall apart is lack of communication after awhile of being together we tend to fall into a routine in the meantime the relationship is being strained in some cases there’s no intimacy only arguments and misunderstanding it often seems that grass is greener on the other side no one wants to be used or neglected we all want to feel loved and appreciated not just on special occasions but every occasion but this is hard to obtain when there’s always obstacles whether it be jobs or adult children this can cause infidelity and other long lasting issues bottom line recognize the person you fell in love with all those years ago and why you fell in love with them take advantage of the time you have remember all the times the partner was there when you needed a shoulder to cry on those vowels do state for better or worse you can’t get past the worse if you can’t talk about how to make it better marriages are ordained by God he never said there wouldn’t be days you can’t stand each other but he did say husbands love your wives, wives submit yourself unto your own husband that doesn’t mean it’s ok for the man to own his wife or dictate her every move but it does mean there must be a time for married couples to find themselves re discover themselves and reconnect marriages are a beautiful thing but like everything else that’s meant to be beautiful we often create ways to ruin it be blessed.

The Rock for President

LOS ANGELES — After conquering Hollywood, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may have his sights set on the White House. The actor and former pro wrestler tells GQ that a presidential run is “a real possibility.” Johnson says if he were president, leadership would be a top priority. Johnson isn’t revealing much about his political leanings,…

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Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin, star of ‘Rob & Big,’ dies at 45 —

Christopher Boykin, who was best known for his role on MTV’s “Rob & Big,” died on Tuesday, his representative told TMZ. Boykin, who went by “Big Black,” was 45 years old. It’s not clear what the official cause of death was, but People magazine reports that the Mississippi native died of a heart attack. Boykin starred…

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