A life of honesty and hardwork

James Arthur Shutes my maternal grandfather was born May 2,1919 he was the oldest son of Welborn and Mattie Shutes in rural Crockett Co,Ten in November,1940 he met and married Mildred Johnson and they had 5 children Mary Bell Theus,Mildred Louise Woodland,James Thomas Shutes Sr,Shirley F.Johnson,and Lynn Rosse  Shutes.In Oct,1944 his father Welborn died at age 54 he took it upon himself to assist his mother with his younger siblings as well as raise his own children in June,1948 his mother Mattie passed away at age 43 his older sister Marie Hudson took up the responsibility of raising the younger siblings.My grandfather took various jobs over the years he worked as a sharecropper ,farmer,and factory hand.when I was born in 1971 my grandfather had already been a father figure to most of his grandchildren we all called him daddy he would hand till gardens,build utility sheds and still worked his day job though he wasn’t high school educated he was very smart he was a devout church person my grandmother was a missionary he worked closely with her in her missions.he never showed hate to anyone he rarely got angry and he always told us ”you got to love everybody”.in June, 2006 his older daughter Mary Bell passed he began to feel vulnerable after this my grandmother began to slip into dimensia and was soon admiited into a healthcare facility my cousin Tony was caring for both as best as he could he was the oldest of all the grandchildren and was raised by my grandparents.My grandfather who had beaten diabetes and was rarely sick began to have a series of health issues he had worked up into his early 80’s at this point he was at 90 years of age his body just simply gave out he passed away on June 15,2009 he is greatly missed his bride of 64 years passed six months later on February 7,2010 this is my tribute to a life of honesty and hard work in memory of James Arthur Shutes May 2,1919-June 15,2009


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