Battling Depression and suicide

I am blogging about this for several reasons although I personally have never had suicidal thoughts or committed suicidal acts I know people who have my step daughter Candy Johnson attempted suicide back in 2007 by drinking antifreeze,my niece Brittany Chatman attempted by cutting herself as recent as few weeks back, just 2 days ago a co-worker and friend just learned that her 18 year old son attempted suicide was listed in stable but critical condition,depression is real we all have dealt with from time to time after my wife lost her mother she went through a bout with depression my dad also has after dealing with the loss of my mother(his wife).Most of us can work everyday and show that professionalism but when we go home there’s a sense of being all alone and that no one really cares about you well my advise to you that are depressed there is help a good bible-based church is one way of helping God is real and he cares for us all he cared enough to send his only begotten Son Jesus Christ to come into the world and deliver us from these types illnesses no I’m not a counselor or study in  psychology which is why I thought it was necessary to share this documentary a presentation by Tennessee Honors this is a real issue for many of us and we need to talk about ways to prevent it be blessed.