Happy Mother’s Day to all

I know it’s only Wednesday but I have a few obligations taking place this weekend and I will be away from my office lol so I decided to post this now besides I have scheduled a Mother’s Day video tribute to hit over the weekend .A Mother is precious jewel a Godsent ,I cherished the very ground my mother walked on which is why in honor of her and my maternal Grandmother I will be attending the maternal family reunion this weekend she was a family person she loved her aunts and uncles and hosts of cousins.

She taught me alot she showed me how to love and have compassion which brings me to my mother-in-law who echoed everything my mother taught me to her I was a son and it was a honor to sit with her and share our family tree history my mother and mother-in-law were friends with mutual respect for one another this mother’s day they sit with St.Peter and a host of God’s angels and they look down upon us as we think of them this Sunday.I can’t close out this post without honoring my wife Ann Shutes for being an outstanding mother and grandmother in her own right and to my sister Sandra Shutes who is mother and father to my nephew Keith Thomas Jr you rock sis I love you with all that said from the bottom of my heart wishing all you mothers out there from jerryshutes.com/West Tennessee Honors a Happy Mother’s Day be blessed