Why marriages and relationships fall apart

One of the main reasons marriages and relationships fall apart is lack of communication after awhile of being together we tend to fall into a routine in the meantime the relationship is being strained in some cases there’s no intimacy only arguments and misunderstanding it often seems that grass is greener on the other side no one wants to be used or neglected we all want to feel loved and appreciated not just on special occasions but every occasion but this is hard to obtain when there’s always obstacles whether it be jobs or adult children this can cause infidelity and other long lasting issues bottom line recognize the person you fell in love with all those years ago and why you fell in love with them take advantage of the time you have remember all the times the partner was there when you needed a shoulder to cry on those vowels do state for better or worse you can’t get past the worse if you can’t talk about how to make it better marriages are ordained by God he never said there wouldn’t be days you can’t stand each other but he did say husbands love your wives, wives submit yourself unto your own husband that doesn’t mean it’s ok for the man to own his wife or dictate her every move but it does mean there must be a time for married couples to find themselves re discover themselves and reconnect marriages are a beautiful thing but like everything else that’s meant to be beautiful we often create ways to ruin it be blessed.