Honoring Coach Tony Shutes

On this day we honor the man the legend in Coach Tony Shutes who started his career in sports in the early 1980’s but before that Tony was an accomplished basketball player for the then Bells High School Eagles,after that he continued his education at Union University of Jackson,Tn he worked at the YMCA of Jackson and K-Mart to help put himself through school. Tony was raised by his late grandparents James and Mildred Shutes after his mother Mary B.Shutes-Theus decided raising him in Detroit,Mi wasn’t a good idea. Tony would later take care of his elderly grandparents until their deaths in 2009 and 2010,Tony has been a towering figure in West Tennessee sports he was recently featured in the black history segment on Wbbj tv 7 back in February,2016. we are honoring Tony because he is what he says he is he has always had a love for sports and he pushes his team to strive to be the best on the courts and on the streets so on this day we honor Coach Tony Shutes and we wish him a happy birthday today and we simply say thank you sir for inspiring so many be blessed.


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