wrapping up the Shutes Family Reunion of 2017

pizap.com14946894367342 There’s so many people to thank for making this all possible first we want to thank Terry Johnson Sr for hosting the event,along with his wife, Terrika Kenton,Tyler Johnson his children for their hardwork,Shirley Ann Shutes for her hard work,we want to thank all of the participants who came out in support of our great family we especially would like to thank our pioneers of our family these people are our greatest assets they bring a lot of  history to our family we can learn from there stories from the life they lived  aunt Dorothy Shutes,aunt Dora Shutes, aunt Gladie Hollis,uncles Clinton and Elder David Shutes you are loved and cherished by our entire family we also want to thank friends and neighbors who accompanied family members making it possible for this to take place we love you may God continue to bless you.

sincerely yours