The Consequences of posting false narratives and negative posts on Social Media

In today’s modern society social networking is a constant and its a good tool if used correctly you can grow your business or get your organizations known or raise awareness to certain causes and fund for certain charitable events. However there is also the negative side to social networking things like cyber bullying and spreading online hate ,depending on the size of your following whatever you post has a broad effect on what the public see lately I’ve been seeing posts depicting signs saying no whites allowed and its been viral after a little research come to find out it was a false narrative but all the hurtful comments have been made and are in cyber space forever.

Since Donald Trump was elected president it seems as if all the cockroaches are climbing out of the cabinets calling all liberals crybabies saying all the Mexicans need to go back to Mexico.I’m neither liberal or conservative because to me they both have issues I’m independent I wasn’t a fan of the gender overhaul under the Obama administration I believe if you’re created a man take your behind to the men’s bathroom I also believe sexual preference is just that preference we lay with whomever we decide I however decided to be with a woman my preference,I don’t agree with abortion but I understand their cause for Government not be allowed to tell women what to do with their own bodies not every abortion case in the same for me this is a moral issue not a government one God should be the only judge in this one.

As for gun rights we should have them on other hand we do need stricter gun laws too many young lives are taken far too soon I don’t think guns should be rounded up and taken from law abiding citizens but I do think gun peddling and illegal gun sales should be cut to a minimum,Our Veterans need adequate care I’m not against refugees coming to America but I am against the fact that in some cases they are treated far better than our men and women who served, Our police force should be respected however if you apply to become a officer but have decisive views against blacks, latinos,gays,muslims,women,etc keep your behind off the force because your job is to protect and serve and people from the group i just mentioned are paying your salary no one should kill a officer for being a officer if so they should be charged with a hate crime with that said if a officer has shot and killed someone for being a minority they should be in jail not be suspended with pay .

With all this said both liberals and conservatives have failed miserably and to top it all off these negative conservative and liberal media outlets as well as social media ones doesn’t help at all our children need a better environment nobody wants to discuss their differences its either you’re right and I’m wrong well if you’re the ones who are thinking that all the Latinos should go back to Mexico ask yourself what country was Texas,California,Arizona,New Mexico was apart of prior to 1845 while you’re doing that ask yourself how President Andrew Jackson viewed the Civil War when it happened in 1861-1865 and he died around 1845 its best to read first and talk later session over.