Why some Americans think the Confederate monuments should be removed

Here lately there’s been an uproar of sorts as to why the city of New Orleans have begun removing Confederate monuments from around their city it’s really not that hard to understand these symbols have long been symbolic to segregation and racism and doesn’t represent every American I feel as if these symbols should be preserved in historical museums not in a public format the Confederate States of America during the 1860’s were a enemy of the state against the United States of America the same people arguing about these monuments are against Mexican flags and other international symbols citing that this is America we should speak the language and honor American symbols the public would be in a tenzy if we were having British, French Spanish and Mexican monuments throughout the old territories once owned by those nations here in the United States we have historical museums for those type things that’s where they should be preserved for national history no one is suggesting change our history just like in our personal history we have that ex or a family member or friend who did unpleasant things we don’t harbor photos or them in our current lives we have them in photo albums to be cherished as part of our history there are closet bigots that uses the Confederate symbols to insight hate and divisiveness to general public this was never a white nation the people were redskinned native Americans before Europeans came over and brought the Africans now all of a sudden we want people to stay out well wonder if the native Americans had felt that way would America had become the superpower it is today or without the help of African slaves or Chinese immigrants or the Irish or many others​ that have contributed to the success of these United States of America to me this isn’t about race this about keeping history in it’s place and not using it as a prop to make one feel superior and another inferior the motto of this nation is E pluribus unum and for you die hard Americans who thought English was our first language think again this means out of one many it takes all of us to make America great again not some lying part crooked politician.