Taking a closer look at what really matters

Well today was one of those days designated to take a closer look at what’s more important,I often blog about personal thoughts and honoring local residents but today I want to touch on something different ,lately I’ve been going to a round of doctor’s visits due to treatment of diabetes along the way I have been for years suffering from foot problems due to pain in the feet so intense that I was having to use a cane after work some days.

Today the local podiatrist discovered some foot deformities on both of my feet as the root cause of my foot pain along with having diabetes a subject that I will soon not discuss no longer because some of my daily contacts see this as something to poke fun of,I also learned that my wife is having her own health issues with thyroid issues and some internal bleeding we go back to the doctor with her this afternoon its good we’re finally being seen by true physicians and nurses who really care about their patients and I thank God for having a job that allows me to be able to have the benefit of great healthcare for me as well as my wife.

Another subject matter that was brought to my attention this week this one really made me think about things those of you that know me personally know that one of the worst days of my life was when my Mother was killed on January 20,2012 since that time we have come to terms but really never got over her not being here with us her final resting place is in rural southwestern Madison Co,Tn some 70 miles from where I live I managed to visit once a year or two ago but its not something I do regularly I dedicated a page of my website to honor her memory and I think of her every single day to have someone to insinuate that I or my siblings don’t respect my mother because I haven’t visited my mom’s gravesite lately is heartbreaking all my life I’ve heard biblical quotes to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord , now I do intend to do a graveside visit but it needs to be on my terms not because somebody is trying to make me feel guilty my mother and I had a good relationship we would comfort each other when we were discouraged I’ve never been one who jumps and do something because everyone else is doing it that doesn’t dictate my heart with that said it would be nice if people let others grieve as they see fit have you ever thought that some of us find it difficult to talk to a tombstone bearing your mother’s name when in our hearts it feels like she should still be here because she was taken way too soon just my thoughts on the matter be blessed.