On this day in history

On this day in history on May 29 1917 a 100 years ago today John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born to Rose and Joseph P.Kennedy he would serve his nation in World War II and afterwards in Congress he would marry Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953 in 1956 he was on the Democratic ticket as vice presidential​ candidate in 1960 he was elected 35th president after defeating Richard Nixon while president he created the peace Corp,battled the Cuban missile crisis, launched the man on the moon program and battled the civil Rights movement he was assassinated in front of the nation on November 22,1963 at age 46 he was the youngest to ever to be elected president his time in office was known as Camelot today he would have been 100 years of age he is survived by his only surviving child Caroline Kennedy today we pay homage to one of the nation’s greatest leaders President John Fitzgerald Kennedy May 29 1917-November 22,1963.