Better than Blessed

Since I took up the blogging venue I have posted my ideas my thoughts and honoring of people who serve in our community in some capacity since taking on this on the blogging venue I have been tremendously blessed I now have 22 followers I thank God for each and everyone of you the dashboard of my site have reached into the international rim with visitors visiting from Canada as recent as this week. will be a unique site I don’t expect this site to become a mega blogsite but I will guarantee as sole editor of the site the content will be of real source ,educational and informative there will be no infringing my beliefs on anyone just my thoughts and opinions.I’m aware that some posts may not be popular posts that’s the reason for my tagline so visitors will know what they are embarking on when they view the site

God has been good to me and my family I believe it’s important to share the goodness in life as well as the heartaches of life I am extremely grateful for the things that I have although not in great quantity but of great quality since blogging is my second job because I have a fulltime job I have pre-scheduled some posts for the upcoming holiday with that said I wish everyone a Happy 4th of July weekend may God bless you all. c/o


What’s good for one should be good for the other

In the past I’ve read quite a bit of posts on social media about the mega church and the big propaganda ministries getting a lot of money my thoughts are this I have no issue whatsoever with real churches and real ministries flourishing and prospering the Bible says I wish above all things that you prosper as your soul prosper now with that said I read nothing about all the rock and rap stars and the movie stars and professional athletes making billions of dollars or government officials who actually vote themselves a raise while the average family lives paycheck to paycheck.I don’t believe every church or all ministries are honest but who are we to decide who’s honest and who’s not when we overwhelming support our favorite athletes, popstars and others we expect our ministers to pray for us when we’re facing death and sickness and other troubles at the same time expect them to ride in broken down vehicles and shabby houses not so a true man or woman of God deserve your support just like the celebrities and athletes nobody critisize them for promoting books and merchandise but if a clergyman does it he’s ridiculed Bible says for them to go into all the world and preach the gospel how can you do that without finances we pay for the well being of our natural bodies but expect for the well being of our spiritual bodies to come at no cost if that were the case Jesus never would have sacrificed himself for our sins bottom line is this if you’re apart of church or ministy that is meeting your spiritual needs then you’re obligated to support that ministry and that church so they can continue to be a blessing to you and others in closing I don’t expect for this to be a popular post what I am saying live and let live with that said when you see your neighbor driving his nice car and living in his nice home and he’s working the same job for the same wages as you and you can’t seem to make ends meet remember it is written it is better to give than to receive God blesses a cheerful giver be blessed.

The Baggage of being the Middle child

The baggage of being a middle child can be stressful at least for me it is back during my childhood I was always told to listen to your older sister, take care of your baby brother and I always took the heat because I was the middle child over the years this has shown itself time and time again at age 22 I married and moved away from the family and visited as often as I could I’ve always been the last to know about the well being of the family members there would be times my mom would spend a week in the hospital and I not know until she would call me herself after being released and even today my dad let’s my other siblings know about his well being but I hear from my older sister I don’t get phone calls until after I have called or texted first my relevance to the story is this we middle children love just as hard as the other children, growing up like this we as middle children have the tendecy to shut people out when our spouses and other family members try to reach out to us through it all I had a good childhood I know my parents loved me these are some of the perks that I and I’m sure other middle children have to deal with I recommend to the younger generation know your self worth keep a positive inner circle if possible be a support system because in some cases there is also baggage of being the oldest and youngest bottom line is no matter the timing of your birth remember you are special and you have a purpose be blessed.

Reality of today’s headlines

The headlines of the day are full of vulgar languages ghetto fights and trailer park brawls are posted all over social media.News media personnel don’t do any intelligent interviews anymore and regardless of what we see with these police/citizen encounters it always spinned to be something that it’s not as if we the American public is blind to the fact that we are being torn apart from within.

Since the launch of the Donald Trump campaign and even further back into the presidency of Barack Obama the race thing has gotten out of control here in America in the 21st century .I am a product of the 1970’s I grew up in rural Crockett Co,Tn I didn’t go to segregated schools or live in segregated housing while young I always knew there was a difference between black and white people but in my environment at the time we excepted it and we co-existed atleast that’s what I thought.

It wasn’t until my adult years and after I started dating until I learned that no matter how hard you work ,how hard you study how well you stay on the right side of the law to society people that share my ethnicity will always be stereotyped most likely to murder most likely to commit a violent crime we are feared throughout society because of it as of late all I’ve seen in the news and social media is guys like Treyvonn Martin,Eric Garner, Philando Castille that are gunned down for simple traffic violations and the ones who made them victims of casualties are suspended with pay and acquitted by the system but a lone bigot can go into a South Carolina church pretend to worship with members and kills innocent people is taken alive and to a burger joint before going to jail here in my state of Tennessee just last week there were 2 fugitives from the state of Georgia caught and taken in alive here in the very town I live there was a minister stating on his facebook page that he would run down a protester if they blocked him on the roadways instead of finding out why these people are protesting there was a nurse practitioner in this town that also shared those same views was willing to state in a public format that we should give Donald Trump a chance with the Russian hacking scandal looming over his presidency but criminalized Barack Obama for the accusations of wiretapping that was never proven these people are in high profile positions makes you really stop and think do all lives really matter we have bystanders that are in church every Sunday and refuse to speak out on these things but will be the first to preach against gay marriage and abortions as if hatred and bigotry is not a sin what kind of nation have we become we are ok with having symbols of hate and divisiveness on government and public establishments and try to spin it as heritage if that’s so then why are there no British Union Jack Flags flying on government properties,Mexican or Spanish flags for that matter because its a historical known fact that those countries held territories in this country that makes this heritage as well something to think about have a blessed day’

Watch “What is emphysema? | Respiratory system diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy” on YouTube this is what the doctors diagnosed my wife with today emphysema she has been advised to quit smoking immediately. I have talked to her about this multiple times during the 23 years we’ve been together it will be better for everyone in the home I have never been a smoker but have been exposed to second hand smoking with that said I wanted to share this with you for those who smoke and are around smoking this is what you have to look forward to in closing a statement of humor if God was intended for us to smoke he would have created us with chimneys be blessed.

Honoring Bishop Nathaniel Bond

At this time we honor one of West Tennessee’s most dynamic ministers of all  time none other than Bishop Nathaniel Bond born Nathaniel Lewis Bond to the late Luberta Bonds and the late Willie Lewis Bond in the small town in southwestern Madison Co,Tn of Mercer,Tn. the Bishop was the only the child of the couple his father was heavy into local sports and was well respected in West Tennessee as well in the Chicago area, his mother Luberta Bond a spiritual leader very active in the church,the Bishop would grow up around his cousins playing basketball with fellow West High classmates,but on a hot July Saturday night in 1972 the Bishop’s life would change forever because at that point at the tender age of 17 he gave his life to God a few years afterwards he was called into the ministry he became a evangelist living in and around Decatur,Il and Danville,Il he would later hearken the voice of the Lord and move back to his native Tennessee at this point he had married Lady Norma J.Thompson and they have the following children Marcia,Acunda,Nadine,and Nicole all prosperous adults now with their own legacies.
In 1979 Bishop founded and created Deliverance House of Prayer,Inc at this time it was located in the western area of Jackson,Tn in a area known to many as the Red Lane/Boone Lane area later around early 1980 the church moved to a store front building at 431 N.Royal St,Jackson,Tn for a brief time the church was at a park pavilion in Humboldt,Tn after a series of tent revivals throughout West Tennessee.
In 1981 the church was moved to 412 E.Main St Bells,Tn by 1983 the church moved to it’s present-day location 111 Huntersville/Denmark RD in Western Madison County.
In recent years Deliverance House of Prayer has become incorporated into Light of Life Ministries.
Bishop Bond along with the DHP Ensemble are world renowned and Stella Award winners,Bishop in his own right is also world renowned for his ministry his ministry is televised and is heard over the radio waves as well as internet and social media venues.
With that said we are proud of this ambassador for the Kingdom we honor him for his service to his community we wish him a blessed birthday on June 20th and because of his position in the Church we honor on this Father’s Day be blessed.

A Glimpse at what the second coming of Jesus may be like

Lately our world has been in turmoil with corrupt politicians,crooked people in power,racism & bigotry,adultery,fornication and false teachings it may seem right now that these people are getting away with the evils that they have committed but that’s absolutely not the case there won’t be any acquittals for the guilty on this day for whats done in the dark will be exposed in the light.

It was around 1979 or 1980 I was about 9 or 10 years old when the ministers that were holding a saturday night bible class study at Macedonia Baptist Church in Fruitvale,Tn they showed an old projector film on hell it showed the biblical parable of Lazarus and the rich man ,Jezebel and a modern story of a young man who blew off his parents about going to church instead he took his motorcycle out for a ride and was killed the moral point of the story back then stuff like this got our attention as kids even though our parents and grandparents didn’t catch everything we did we were assured that God didn’t miss nothing he sees all and we will be judged for our works.

With that said these arrogant cops,criminals,politicians,movie stars and musical stars who persuade our young people to do all kinds of illegal activities to those parents who say to their kids its ok to live you only live once to those children who think they shouldn’t listen to their parents or elders to those adult children that have forgotten the sacrifices your parents have made for you but now you don’t have time for them ,for those ministers who preach for money and fame and not for saving souls for the men and women who cheat on their spouses, for those in government who try to change the morality of the laws of God we all have to give an account for our deeds Barack Obama nor Donald Trump can save you being a liberal or conservative won’t get you into heaven these are the last hours everything has been fulfilled get your house in order be blessed.

Social Media Hypocrisy

There’s one  thing that irritates me  more than anything about social media is when some people think it’s ok for them to tell you how to post on your own social media accounts I have been creating Facebook pages and websites and blogs for about 5 years now I keep my pages, websites and blogs strictly professional on my timeline I post about real life situations and how I feel about them and even then I choose my words carefully when I have a dispute with a family member it’s documented in my defense I see things in news feed all the time that I don’t like such as ghetto fights racist propaganda, animal cruelty, violent acts against women and children instead shooting off about what I don’t like about it I simply block and unfriend and keep it moving I’ve never posted anything negative on any of my accounts I try to uplift and educate as much as I can with that said I’m not perfect in my latest dispute I posted my opinion about a young man who was harrassing me in my inbox in whom I have no social media connection with I stated the place where he was employed and drug a innocent business owner into the dispute she professionally called my attention to the matter and I valued her friendship I immediately corrected the error and apologize to her because we both are professionals she being a business owner and me being a professional blogger we both agreed that bad publicity was not needed she never once told me how I should post on my social media accounts and these people who are suggesting I should post differently are amazingly quiet as crickets when I post education or inspirational posts but the moment I post about my real life situations now all of a sudden I need to be positive on social media newsflash I am a professional first I will always be a professional with  that said I close have a blessed day.

Celebrating Black Music Month

Since June has been deemed to be the month to reflect on the history of African American musical history we chose this format to share.Black Music Month was proclaimed on June 7,1979 by Then President Jimmy Carter since June has been deemed Black Music Month in 2016 President Barack Obama reinforced his predecessor’s   actions by carrying on with the tradition because it was Black Music that led the nation through the horrors of slavery and segregation through songs of worship and dance we hope that this will be beneficial to all of our followers and readers be blessed.

Very Grateful

I am extremely grateful to the staff at Kentucky Lake Surgery Center of Paris,Tn and Dr.Raymond Compton for taking care of my wife today ,these people were super nice the staff were a Godsent my wife was very comfortable before,and after her procedure, I also would like to thank Dr.James McGee and the staff at Eastwood Clinic for getting the ball rolling as well as the Cardiologist Louis Cunningham words cannot express how grateful I am for your caregiving services to my wife ,last but certainly not least Thank God for using these fine people to provide the needed care for my wife God bless you all.

The nice guy approach is not working for me

For sometime now I have been contemplating on whether or not I made the right choice a few years ago when I married my wife with kids from previous relationships, I mean after all I was raised by a stepfather whom I claim as my father and no I haven’t always agreed with the things he’s done but at the end of the day he was a good father to me he always worked to provide clothes,food and shelter for us and he made sure we were in Church with that said at 45 almost 46 years of age I could never bring myself to disrespect him in the way I’ve been disrespected by my wife’s children and even if I had been so stupid my mother would have knocked me into next week .She’s always told me that’s the only Dad you have because my biological father refused to take responsibility for me and almost 46 years later he’s still in doubt.

In my case with my wife’s kids there has never been no respect in part because before I came along there was a gap where there was no continuous presence of a male in the home the wife did the best she could with 5 children on her own when I came along the ages ranged in as follows 18,16,14,11 4 boys and 1 girl she being the one that was 16 the twins being 11 I brought with me the same values my Dad and Mother brought me up you did what was asked of you ,you didn’t back talk your parents maintain proper grade levels in school atleast show that you were trying once of age take responsibility for your own actions once you were an adult you put away childish things and become a grown man or woman.

These kids didn’t get that memo the juvenile years were very troublesome I’ve set in court on too many birthdays and anniversaries kicked out of at least 2 homes because of the actions that took place and now they are in ages ranging from 42,40,37 and 35 and some of them act more immature now than they did 20 years ago one is a grandparent and still stuck on stupid.

Bottom line is I made vows to their mother not them I don’t owe them nothing I’m not obligated to them I have treated their Mom with nothing but respect before she met me her self esteem was lower than a snail’s belly now she’s a well respected caregiver this is not to say I’m prince charming or anything but I do know from past experiences I have been better to her than some of her own children I have heard and seen them call her everything but a child of God they’ve lied trying to get her caregiving license revoked because they wanted the medication for themselves for recreational use our home has been disrespected numerous times and my name have been changed from racial slurs to S.O.B’s and everything else you can imagine.

Bottom line is I’m tired now I’ve been fighting with these bigots for over 20 years I have been there when nobody else was I did what I thought was right they misbehaved I chastised and yes I did use a belt it was when I stopped was when the prison terms began I was trying to prevent that but nowadays society thinks you should put a foul mouthed sometime violently preteen in time out and that’s sufficient enough but in the real world if one does that to a member of law enforcement you could end up getting beat with a paton or tazed get too rowdy you can end up shot or killed my mother would tell me “Its best I whip you out of Love than for someone else to do that don’t care about you”

I don’t think I would ever want any children of my own and I will never attempt to be anyone’s stepdad again these last few days even these last few years have been hellacious for lack of a better word I’m to the point now I just want to enter my mid-life and into senior citizenship alone I can do bad all by myself.

Seriousness of blood donations

I didn’t personally be affected by blood donations until today when my wife’s blood count dropped below 25 percent blood donation is vitally important you’re saving lives I am so grateful for those in the Henry County, Tennessee area that gave blood because this morning you were very instrumental in saving my wife’s life so I say to every healthy citizen that’s willing and able give blood because you never know when you are someone in your family may need it be blessed.