Social Media Hypocrisy

There’s one  thing that irritates me  more than anything about social media is when some people think it’s ok for them to tell you how to post on your own social media accounts I have been creating Facebook pages and websites and blogs for about 5 years now I keep my pages, websites and blogs strictly professional on my timeline I post about real life situations and how I feel about them and even then I choose my words carefully when I have a dispute with a family member it’s documented in my defense I see things in news feed all the time that I don’t like such as ghetto fights racist propaganda, animal cruelty, violent acts against women and children instead shooting off about what I don’t like about it I simply block and unfriend and keep it moving I’ve never posted anything negative on any of my accounts I try to uplift and educate as much as I can with that said I’m not perfect in my latest dispute I posted my opinion about a young man who was harrassing me in my inbox in whom I have no social media connection with I stated the place where he was employed and drug a innocent business owner into the dispute she professionally called my attention to the matter and I valued her friendship I immediately corrected the error and apologize to her because we both are professionals she being a business owner and me being a professional blogger we both agreed that bad publicity was not needed she never once told me how I should post on my social media accounts and these people who are suggesting I should post differently are amazingly quiet as crickets when I post education or inspirational posts but the moment I post about my real life situations now all of a sudden I need to be positive on social media newsflash I am a professional first I will always be a professional with  that said I close have a blessed day.