Honoring Bishop Nathaniel Bond

At this time we honor one of West Tennessee’s most dynamic ministers of all  time none other than Bishop Nathaniel Bond born Nathaniel Lewis Bond to the late Luberta Bonds and the late Willie Lewis Bond in the small town in southwestern Madison Co,Tn of Mercer,Tn. the Bishop was the only the child of the couple his father was heavy into local sports and was well respected in West Tennessee as well in the Chicago area, his mother Luberta Bond a spiritual leader very active in the church,the Bishop would grow up around his cousins playing basketball with fellow West High classmates,but on a hot July Saturday night in 1972 the Bishop’s life would change forever because at that point at the tender age of 17 he gave his life to God a few years afterwards he was called into the ministry he became a evangelist living in and around Decatur,Il and Danville,Il he would later hearken the voice of the Lord and move back to his native Tennessee at this point he had married Lady Norma J.Thompson and they have the following children Marcia,Acunda,Nadine,and Nicole all prosperous adults now with their own legacies.
In 1979 Bishop founded and created Deliverance House of Prayer,Inc at this time it was located in the western area of Jackson,Tn in a area known to many as the Red Lane/Boone Lane area later around early 1980 the church moved to a store front building at 431 N.Royal St,Jackson,Tn for a brief time the church was at a park pavilion in Humboldt,Tn after a series of tent revivals throughout West Tennessee.
In 1981 the church was moved to 412 E.Main St Bells,Tn by 1983 the church moved to it’s present-day location 111 Huntersville/Denmark RD in Western Madison County.
In recent years Deliverance House of Prayer has become incorporated into Light of Life Ministries.
Bishop Bond along with the DHP Ensemble are world renowned and Stella Award winners,Bishop in his own right is also world renowned for his ministry his ministry is televised and is heard over the radio waves as well as internet and social media venues.
With that said we are proud of this ambassador for the Kingdom we honor him for his service to his community we wish him a blessed birthday on June 20th and because of his position in the Church we honor on this Father’s Day be blessed.


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