Reality of today’s headlines

The headlines of the day are full of vulgar languages ghetto fights and trailer park brawls are posted all over social media.News media personnel don’t do any intelligent interviews anymore and regardless of what we see with these police/citizen encounters it always spinned to be something that it’s not as if we the American public is blind to the fact that we are being torn apart from within.

Since the launch of the Donald Trump campaign and even further back into the presidency of Barack Obama the race thing has gotten out of control here in America in the 21st century .I am a product of the 1970’s I grew up in rural Crockett Co,Tn I didn’t go to segregated schools or live in segregated housing while young I always knew there was a difference between black and white people but in my environment at the time we excepted it and we co-existed atleast that’s what I thought.

It wasn’t until my adult years and after I started dating until I learned that no matter how hard you work ,how hard you study how well you stay on the right side of the law to society people that share my ethnicity will always be stereotyped most likely to murder most likely to commit a violent crime we are feared throughout society because of it as of late all I’ve seen in the news and social media is guys like Treyvonn Martin,Eric Garner, Philando Castille that are gunned down for simple traffic violations and the ones who made them victims of casualties are suspended with pay and acquitted by the system but a lone bigot can go into a South Carolina church pretend to worship with members and kills innocent people is taken alive and to a burger joint before going to jail here in my state of Tennessee just last week there were 2 fugitives from the state of Georgia caught and taken in alive here in the very town I live there was a minister stating on his facebook page that he would run down a protester if they blocked him on the roadways instead of finding out why these people are protesting there was a nurse practitioner in this town that also shared those same views was willing to state in a public format that we should give Donald Trump a chance with the Russian hacking scandal looming over his presidency but criminalized Barack Obama for the accusations of wiretapping that was never proven these people are in high profile positions makes you really stop and think do all lives really matter we have bystanders that are in church every Sunday and refuse to speak out on these things but will be the first to preach against gay marriage and abortions as if hatred and bigotry is not a sin what kind of nation have we become we are ok with having symbols of hate and divisiveness on government and public establishments and try to spin it as heritage if that’s so then why are there no British Union Jack Flags flying on government properties,Mexican or Spanish flags for that matter because its a historical known fact that those countries held territories in this country that makes this heritage as well something to think about have a blessed day’


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