The Baggage of being the Middle child

The baggage of being a middle child can be stressful at least for me it is back during my childhood I was always told to listen to your older sister, take care of your baby brother and I always took the heat because I was the middle child over the years this has shown itself time and time again at age 22 I married and moved away from the family and visited as often as I could I’ve always been the last to know about the well being of the family members there would be times my mom would spend a week in the hospital and I not know until she would call me herself after being released and even today my dad let’s my other siblings know about his well being but I hear from my older sister I don’t get phone calls until after I have called or texted first my relevance to the story is this we middle children love just as hard as the other children, growing up like this we as middle children have the tendecy to shut people out when our spouses and other family members try to reach out to us through it all I had a good childhood I know my parents loved me these are some of the perks that I and I’m sure other middle children have to deal with I recommend to the younger generation know your self worth keep a positive inner circle if possible be a support system because in some cases there is also baggage of being the oldest and youngest bottom line is no matter the timing of your birth remember you are special and you have a purpose be blessed.


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