What’s good for one should be good for the other

In the past I’ve read quite a bit of posts on social media about the mega church and the big propaganda ministries getting a lot of money my thoughts are this I have no issue whatsoever with real churches and real ministries flourishing and prospering the Bible says I wish above all things that you prosper as your soul prosper now with that said I read nothing about all the rock and rap stars and the movie stars and professional athletes making billions of dollars or government officials who actually vote themselves a raise while the average family lives paycheck to paycheck.I don’t believe every church or all ministries are honest but who are we to decide who’s honest and who’s not when we overwhelming support our favorite athletes, popstars and others we expect our ministers to pray for us when we’re facing death and sickness and other troubles at the same time expect them to ride in broken down vehicles and shabby houses not so a true man or woman of God deserve your support just like the celebrities and athletes nobody critisize them for promoting books and merchandise but if a clergyman does it he’s ridiculed Bible says for them to go into all the world and preach the gospel how can you do that without finances we pay for the well being of our natural bodies but expect for the well being of our spiritual bodies to come at no cost if that were the case Jesus never would have sacrificed himself for our sins bottom line is this if you’re apart of church or ministy that is meeting your spiritual needs then you’re obligated to support that ministry and that church so they can continue to be a blessing to you and others in closing I don’t expect for this to be a popular post what I am saying live and let live with that said when you see your neighbor driving his nice car and living in his nice home and he’s working the same job for the same wages as you and you can’t seem to make ends meet remember it is written it is better to give than to receive God blesses a cheerful giver be blessed.


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